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Management Training News: w/c 7th October 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 7th October 2012

This week, we start with another set of free management training materials with the publication of "MTL Motivators: Thinking Skills". Get it and a great training room game, "Hangman Quotes", at the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include remembering Steve Jobs' legacy, one year on; a new quiz on Leadership Styles; how to give feedback; and why we love the MTL Teambuilder, "Buried Treasure".


Free Management Training Materials: "Thinking Skills" Motivators

18think_142 Here is the 17th in our collection of free MTL Motivators and it's on "Thinking Skills". This series of 100 quotes is a superb addition to your library of online management training materials and can be used in lots of imaginative ways on any Thinking skills course. As usual, we'll also give you an original training room exercise that will make use of these quotes. The exercise with the Thinking Skills Motivators is called, "Hangman Quotes". It's a game that most of us know from our childhood and a great way to inject some fun, laughter, and friendly competition into your course. Click here to download your own free copy now... more


Steve Jobs' Legacy: One Year On

stevejobssecrettoliving_175 Next week, in Management Training Resources, we'll be taking a look at some of the top management gurus in history, from Lao Tzu in 500 BC to the modern greats like Peter Drucker and Tom Peters. But this week, on the anniversary of his death on October 5th last year, we pay tribute to someone who was much more than a management guru: a man who was an entrepreneur of genius, a technology leader, and a transforming inspirer of people. Of course, I mean Steve Jobs. Last year, we published a feature on one of the most celebrated leaders of our times and included his hugely inspirational message to the young, the hopeful, and those who are still searching for life's purpose... more


This Week's Quiz: Leadership Styles

questions_142_01 Do you know which style of leadership to use at the start of a project with a competent team? Would you know what style to use if the team started to fall back near the end? Can you say when it is best to use a consultative style and when a directive style? Is it true that there is always a best style of leadership no matter what the circumstances? Would you agree that the most effective leaders are those with more skilled leadership styles? All of these and more are in this week's quiz on Leadership Styles. It's free to enter and you could win a prize. For fun and learning, try this week's quiz here... more


Smart Learning Lesson: "Feedback"

feedback_142_01 One of the best sets of free management training materials we offer you are our 20 sets of Free 10-Day E-Course programmes. These programmes have been carefully crafted to give you the essence of all the key management skills and that's why we call them "Smart Learning Lessons". Each programme is in 10 parts and, when you sign up for free, they'll be sent to your email address one day after another for 10 days. This means that each day, you'll have tips and tricks that you can try out that day. In this example from day 4 of the Appraisal Skills e-course, we give you our Smart Learning Lesson on "Feedback"... more


Spotlight on... the "Buried Treasure" Teambuilder

14._buried_treasure_142 We're sometimes asked that, of the 640-odd management training products on the ManageTrainLearn site, which ones we love the most. Well, if we were being diplomatic, we'd answer that we love them all. If we were being entrepreneurial, we'd say that we love the current ones. And if we were being honest, we'd say that we love those that bring back good memories of past training. That's why we always have a soft spot for "Buried Treasure", a teambuilder that was a staple of our management training events for many years and why we lovingly put the spotlight on it this week... more