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Management Training News: w/c 16th October 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 16th October 2011

This week, we have an update on how we're doing on the Google search engines. See how we've moved up to the top 3 positions for all our management training search terms in item one below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include why you should celebrate the quiet heroes in your team; a look at the life and work of the first-ever female management guru; the third in our series of "What Kind of Manager Are You?"; and our spotlight on the MTL Customer Care Mini-Series.


ManageTrainLearn Moves Into Top 3 Google Positions

googletopspots_175 Back in January this year, we announced our first-ever sweep of the top 10 search engine rankings on Google. These were for our main search terms, such as "management training products" and "free management training materials". We're delighted to say that, 10 months on, we're not just on the front pages for all our search terms but in all cases have moved up into the top 3 positions. So we want to say a massive "Thanks!" to everyone who has supported us through the year... more


Do You Know Who Your Quiet Heroes Are?

quietheroes_175 Most of the time that the average manager spends with his or her staff is spent with problem people such as the persistent late-comer, the low performer, and the troublemaker. If this is like you, then you're in danger of neglecting an important group in your team: the quiet heroes. Quiet heroes are those who get on with the work even when there's nobody around. They value discretion, doing what needs to be done, and not making a fuss and they are often the ones who make all the difference to the performance of your organisation and team... more


Management Gurus: Mary Parker Follett

maryparkerfollett_175 If you look back over our archive of management training materials, you'll see that we have brought you profiles of some of the most important management gurus that have ever lived. But until now they have all been men. We put this anomaly right with a look at the life and work of the first, and possibly the most underrated female management guru, Mary Parker Follett. Her achievement is not only remarkable in the ideas that she propounded, some of which would not look out of place in a blog of management training resources; but because she made her name in a profession that had never heard from a woman before... more


What Kind of Manager Are You?: Managing Your Time

timetravellers_142 Here is the third in our series of "What Kind of Manager Are You?" in which we look at how your personality determines the way you manage. We've already looked at the nine types of entrepreneur and the nine types of team player. Now we show you how your personality traits colour the way you manage your time. If you've ever wondered why you tend to overwork or underwork, buzz around like a frantic bee or freeze through procrastination, spend more time than you should socialising or find it easy to become distracted, all the answers are here... more


Spotlight on Management Training Products: the MTL Customer Care Mini-Courses

minicoursescustomercare_142 The "Customer Care Mini-Courses" are a set of Flash-based training courses that will give you all the key points of excelling at customer care. Attractively designed and easy-to-navigate, these mini-courses are ideal for those who want to develop their customer relationship skills in a quick, inexpensive and effective way. The pack contains 4 courses: The Customer Focus"; "Moments of Truth"; "Customer Rapport"; and "Service Style". Why not download a free sampler of the Mini-Course series or buy a corporate pack of all 80 mini-courses with our discounted Bumper Bundles?... more