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Management Training News: w/c 21st October 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 21st October 2012

This week, we have a new newsletter for you. If you find it hard to keep a personal development plan going, you'll find this article very helpful. We call it, "Turn the Lights Off When You Leave". Read it now from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the penultimate Powerpoint collection in our Motivators series; a quiz on the Paradoxes of Time; how to get people to like you; and a look at the MTL SkillsBooster, "Games People Play".


"Turn the Lights Off When You Leave"

turnthelightsoff_142 We recently started a new series of management training articles that we call, "Secrets to Success". You may have read some of them. So far, we've explored the nature of Persistence, Patience, and Generativity. Coming soon, are Integrity, Commitment, and Initiative. Most of these are the stock-in-trade of the personal development movement. Which is why our newsletter this week is such a refreshing change. Because, in this feature, we don't tell you to stick at something no matter what or to keep going when all seems lost. On the contrary, we celebrate giving up and admitting defeat. We call it "Turn the Lights Off When You Leave" and we think you'll love it as much as we do... more


Free Management Training Materials: "Discipline" Motivators

08disc_142 Here is the penultimate Powerpoint collection in our MTL Motivators series. If, like us, you enjoy the buzz that comes from reading quotations on skills and themes, then you'll love this 19th collection of 100 quotes. They're on Discipline and include words of wisdom on rules and laws; inner and outer discipline; criminality and punishment. As usual, we also have a great quotes-based training-room exercise for you. It's called, "Bingo Quotes" and is a great way to use, and memorise, the best of these quotes as well as getting people up and out of their seats in a fast and furious energiser... more


This Week's Quiz: "The Paradoxes of Time"

questiondice_142 Do you know the best way to improve your time management? Can you say what other resources time is like? Is it true that time is the same as money? What % of people are so time-poor that they forget important birthdays or anniversaries? And what is the best way to measure your effectiveness as a time manager? All of these and more are in this week's quiz on "The Paradoxes of Time", which is taken from our "Paradoxes of Time" online course. It's free to enter and you could win a prize. For fun and learning, try this week's quiz here... more


We Like You Because You're Like Us

rapport03_175 One of the great pleasures in putting out our weekly series of Management Training Resources is to learn that people like you are able to change their whole lives by learning some of the tips we provide, putting them into practice and, bit by bit, mastering them. Like all learning, the change can start small, perhaps by trying out something minor, and then, when it works and feels good, moving on to something a bit bigger, until the change becomes a habit. From that point on, the skill is rooted and a part of who you have become. One of the soft skills where this has happened many times in front of our eyes is the art of building rapport. Click here and we'll show you how to do it... more


Management Training Products: "Games People Play"

02gamespeopleplay_142 One of our most popular sets of management training products is the series that we call MTL SkillBoosters. This set of skills summaries is the perfect way to learn a skill in the shortest possible time. What we've done is to take over 250 skills, distil them down to their key points, design them to be easy to read, and put them into an attractive one-page design. Result: the most informative, practical, and eyecatching series of management training materials we've ever produced. To show you what we mean, take a look at "Games People Play". We think you'll be impressed... more