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Management Training News: w/c 23rd October 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 23rd October 2011

This week, we give you the latest in our series of Free 10-day Email Courses with "Time Management". Find out what's in it and how to sign up in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include how to match others in word and action; our spotlight on Stories that Coach; the sixth in our series of "Hints and Links"; and a look at how the Belbin team roles model can tell you your Enneagram number.


New Free E-Course on "Time Management"

timewaster_142 We're adding to our hugely popular series of 10-day Email Courses this week with a new programme that will show you how to manage your time better. The e-course is "Time Management". Like the other free management training materials in this series, this e-course sends you expert tips and techniques straight into your inbox each day for 10 days. The emails are based on our award-winning management training courses and are designed to be short yet straight to the point. We give you the best management training material so that you can implement the ideas at once... more


How to Match Others In Word and Actions

matching_175 When we are in harmony with others, our spoken and body language instinctively matches theirs. We use the same expressions, laugh at the same time, frown together, walk at the same pace, even breathe at the same rate. People who are close to one another can even come out with the same sentence, sound or tune as each other. If we want to build rapport with others we can do it by copying, imitating and mirroring the verbal and non-verbal language they use. As an example, notice how a policewoman instinctively crouches down to put herself at the same level as a little child who is lost. Matching puts others at their ease, helps them feel understood, and makes them like you because you are literally like them... more


Spotlight on "Stories that Coach"

stories_that_coach_vol_1_175 The Stories that Coach series is a 3-volume set of 300 management training anecdotes that will add a touch of class to your learning. Each of the volumes gives you 100 well-chosen, well-crafted, and well-told stories that deliver a valuable learning point for you to use in your own learning or training. This series of tales will give you insights into important ways to work and manage others. To get a foretaste of the collection, download your sampler from our free management training materials section. For a 30% discount on the whole set, visit our Bumper Bundles page.. more


Hints and Links 06: Influencing and Negotiating Skills

influencingandnegotiatinghintsandlinks03_175 Here is the sixth in our series of Hints and Links that's become known as "21st century learning". In this feature, we'll give you 12 valuable hints on influencing and negotiating skills and after each hint we'll point you to a web page that will expand on the hint. We've chosen each link carefully so that you get original learning material such as video demos, step-by-step guides, Powerpoint slideshows, expert articles, audio podcasts, pocketbook manuals, and a lot more. Whether you stop at the hint or go deeper with the link, you'll find this an absorbing, interesting, and fun way to learn.. more


Models of Management: Belbin Team Roles

belbinteamroles_142 Dr Raymond Meredith Belbin is a British management theorist who has become best known for his work on management teams. In the Industrial Training Research Unit at Cambridge University, in the 1970's, he led a team that ran 3 business games a year with 8 teams in each game. Over a period of 7 years, Belbin and his team observed, recorded, and categorised the different kinds of input of each team member. From their research, they established that 8 (later 9) team roles needed to be present for a team to fulfil its tasks and team functions effectively. Together, these 9 roles constitute the "dream team"... more