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Management Training News: w/c 30th October 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 30th October 2011

This week, we offer you a free copy of David Brewster's 5-star-rated book "Success with Simplicity". Find out how it can make a difference to the way you manage by downloading your personal copy from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include why trust is the foundation of successful delegation; round 11 of Quizzitch; how to play to people's strengths; and our spotlight on the MTL "Teamwork" one-day course plan.


Get Your Management Back to Basics with David Brewster's "Success with Simplicity"

successwithsimplicity02_142 Management is not a new profession but it is an increasingly complex one. 100 years ago, the job of manager was relatively simple. In those days, the manager was simply responsible for getting work done in an efficient and effective manner. Today, many managers are overwhelmed with the complexity of the job such that many are giving up the battle. So, this newly-revised book by David Brewster, "Success with Simplicity" really does have a clear and simple message: uncomplicate the role of manager and be more successful... more


Why Trust is the Foundation of Successful Delegation and Empowerment

trust02_175 Delegation and empowerment of staff is an essential task of the modern manager. The techniques are not difficult but are impossible if you don't lay the right foundations. And those foundations are built on creating trust and dispelling mistrust. The story is told of the manager who gave delegation a try. He reluctantly agreed to pass down some of his routines to his secretary, but every night after she'd gone home, went into her drawer to check what she'd done. Imagine what happened to that relationship when she found him out!... more


It's Round 11 of Quizzitch!

quiz_142 Want a break from all those management training resources that we give you every week? Well, kick off your shoes, make yourself a drink and have a go at round 11 of Quizzitch, the quiz that will have you scratching your head for answers to some of the trickiest general knowledge questions you've ever come across. We give you a random set of 10 questions with the numbers 1 to 1000 in the questions and you have to select the right answer from a set of 4. The numbers set the questions so you'll also learn some pretty cool facts. Have a go with round 11 and see how you do... more


How to Play to People's Strengths

playtotheirstrengths_175 Most people do not know what they are naturally good at. They either don't believe they are better at something than others, or they have been led to believe that they should be good at a range of things regardless of their personal talents. The truth, however, is that each one of us has unique talents that, when combined with situations that are original and also unique, make them better at doing something than thousands of others. That's why detecting your people's strengths and finding ways to play to people's strengths is one of the most important things you can do for both you and your team... more


Spotlight on the MTL "Teamwork" 1DayCoursePlan

50._teamwork_175 Most of us are recruited into our jobs for our technical skills and experience. But once we are doing our job, it is the way we work with others that determines how happy, productive and successful we are. Those who know how to work with others have a skill that benefits them, their team and the wider organisation. And the beauty is, that once you've taught people teamwork, they can go on developing it by themselves. That's probably why, in the MTL series of 1DayCoursePlans, "Teamwork" is one of the most sought-after packages. It's full of material that will transform the way your team see themselves and will start them using habits that will last them a lifetime... more