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Management Training News: w/c 4th November 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 4th November 2012

This week, we give away one of our free management skills books, a great manual on "Hiring the People You Want". Download it from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a Smart Learning Lesson on Creative Thinking; a tricky quiz on Negotiating Gambits; 18 models of management to savour; and our round-up of October 2012's management training resources.


Free Management Training Manuals: "Hiring the People You Want"

hiringbookboon_175 In "Hiring the People You Want" from ManageTrainLearn and Bookboon, you’ll discover a wide range of skills and techniques that will help you master the selection process. You will learn how to balance gut feel with fairness. You’ll discover how to select the best recruitment method for you. You’ll learn what goes into a successful recruitment campaign. And you’ll master the art of effective interviews. Not only will you be able to run efficient recruitment campaigns; you’ll also achieve your main aim in recruitment which is getting the people or person that you want... more


Smart Learning Lessons: "Creative Thinking"

creativity03_175 From time to time, we like to dip into our collection of management training sessions based on our free e-course series. We call them Smart Learning Lessons because they're how smart people learn: short, punchy, and full of valuable ideas. In this week's lesson, we show you the difference between vertical thinking and lateral thinking and give you 7 original and instantly applicable ways to think more creatively... more


This Week's Quiz: Negotiating Gambits

questiondice_142 Do you know the meaning of the "Mother Hubbard" negotiating gambit? Is it better to focus on the other side's personalities or issues? Are you better off arguing your case or listening to theirs? Is it OK to exploit others' weaknesses? And can you explain the meaning of the "salami" negotiating gambit? All of these and more are in this week's quiz on Negotiating Gambits, one of the management training resources featured in our Influencing and Negotiating Skills programmes... more


18 Models of Management to Savour

models_175 We've recently updated our collection of articles on Management Models. To our surprise, we found we'd gathered 18 models over the years and we love every single one of them. They are the perfect centrepiece for a training session. Whenever you present an interesting, well-thought-out, and proven management model, they stay with people and become the basis for changes in skills and attitudes. This collection has some of the best, from AIDA to SPIN, The Abilene Paradox to The Zeigarnik Effect, and TA to the Johari Window. Stop now and savour these all over again... more


Our Round-Up of October's Management Training Resources

roundup_142 Here's your chance to catch up on the pick of October 2012's management training resources in our end-of-month round-up. In October, we brought you an unbeatable wealth of free management training materials. These included the final 4 sets in our MTL Motivators series. Plus 4 mind-boggling quizzes; a new newsletter that celebrated giving up; 16 work-related anecdotes; the "core and periphery" management model; our homage to the quality of persistence; a free management systems book; 18 gurus; and how to get 345 resources into one manual. Phew!... more