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Management Training News: w/c 11th November 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 11th November 2012

This week, we start our weekly features with a new newsletter. If you are worried about taking risks in dangerous times, the story in this newsletter will change your mind. Read it from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the latest in our hugely popular series of Hints and Links on "Understanding Personality Types"; a fun quiz on "Communication Styles"; a Smart Learning Lesson to hone your people skills, on the "Dispositions of Counselling"; and why MTL "Customer Care" Mini-Courses make great bite-size training.


Newsletter: "Taking a Risk in Dangerous Times"

01takingarisk_175 In our "Maximising Your Potential" courses, we often start by contrasting 2 pulls in the human condition. One is the Consolidator that likes to stay put and protect what we have. This is the part of us that likes to see a nice amount of money in the bank and leave it there. The other pull is the Adventurer that likes to set forth on new journeys without knowing where we'll end up. This is the part of us that is prepared to take a risk because of the joy and fun it brings. In this week's newsletter, we tell a story about George Shearing as a reminder that, to be our true selves and fulfil our potential, we need to take risks even in the toughest of times... more


Free Management Training Materials on Understanding Personality Types

personality_142 Isn't it great how easy it is to get an idea and then use the Internet to find out more about it? Just google a simple question such as, "What is my personality type?" and you can spend a couple of pleasant hours going down the highways and byways of cyberspace learning more about the subject. This is what we've been doing for some time now with our Hints and Links series. We give you an idea and then a link and set you off on all sorts of learning journeys. Here's the 14th in our Hints and Links series. It's on "Understanding Personality Types" and we just know you're going to enjoy the trips... more


This Week's Quiz: "Communication Styles"

questiondice_142 Do you know the difference between communication styles that are focussed on our needs and those that are focussed on others' needs? Is it better to use autocratic or democratic styles of communicating? In what situations would you stop and listen and when would you press on? Is it OK to use force in negotiations? And what kind of argument is it when we show people the benefits of doing something? All of these and more are in this week's quiz on Communication Styles and is one of the management training resources featured in our online Communications programmes... more


Smart Learning Lessons: "Dispositions of Counselling"

couns_142 As a manager, it's inevitable that at some point in time you'll need to help someone in your team with a personal problem that's affecting their work. For that person, the way you handle the problem can be a defining moment in their relationship with you. Get it wrong and you can lose credibility for good. Get it right and you can reap rewards in building trust and respect. In this week's Smart Learning Lesson, we'll show you exactly how you can succeed with 7 of the most important dispositions in counselling... more


Spotlight on Management Training Products: the MTL Customer Care Mini-Courses

minicoursescustomercare_142 This week we put the spotlight on one of our most popular sets of management training resources: the "Customer Care Mini-Courses". Why are they popular? Because they look great, are easy to use, offer superb value-for money, and give you everything you need to know about customer service in bite-size chunks. The pack contains 4 courses: "The Customer Focus"; "Customer Rapport"; "Moments of Truth"; and "Service Style". Find out how you can also download a free sampler and buy a corporate discount pack... more