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Management Training News: w/c 18th November 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 18th November 2012

This week, we start with our list of the top 100 tips culled from our Time Management training courses. Download all 100 tips from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the 15th in our Hints and Links series, on Appraisal Skills; this week's quiz on "Facets of Assertiveness"; a fresh look at our updated collection of free management training sites; and the meaning of the Pratfall Effect.


The Best 100 Time Management Tips

timeandtheteam02_175 Over the years of running Time Management courses, we've collected hundreds of tips on how to save time, use time better, and make more time. At last, we've compiled them into a list of 100 one-liners, just for you! Have a look and see if you agree with our selection? Why not pick one off the list each day and try it out? Or, better still, start today with number one and work your way through all 100. Then notice how your work and life will change for the better... more


Free Management Training Materials on "Appraisal Skills"

counsellingskills_175_01 Here's the 15th in our series of Hints and Links, this time on Appraisal Skills. In this selection, we'll give you some great links to Internet resources on the negotiated approach to appraisals, how to master the appraisal interview, what you need to know to assess yourself, and how to give constructive feedback. Plus also on a lighter note, take a look at 25 very funny cartoons on the appraisal process... more


This Week's Quiz: Facets of Assertiveness

questiondice_142 Can you tell the difference between assertive and non-assertive body language? And what about the difference between assertive and aggressive tones of voice? Do you know when it's OK to be both aggressive and passive? Are assertive rights more important than responsibilities? Is assertive useful in conflict situations? All of these and more are in this week's quiz on Facets of Assertiveness and is one of the management training resources that we use in our online Assertiveness programmes... more


We've Updated our Collection of Free Online Management Websites

websites In our aim to point you in the direction of the very best in online management training materials, we've recently updated our selection of the best free training websites. Now on one page you can find directions to the best presentation we've ever seen; a great resource that calls itself a "micro-training site"; the UK's number one site for trainers; the undoubted king of free management training information; and a mind-blowing library of management material... more


How to use the Pratfall Effect to Win Over Others

pratfall_142 One of the commonest requests we get is for online management training materials that help people win over others. That's because, in a competitive world, all of us needs to know how to present our best selves to others. So, here, for all those who want to win that new job or new promotion or that key negotiation is a simple clinching technique: the Pratfall Effect. It doesn't sound a clincher, but, when used sincerely and with subtlety, it can be the difference between success and failure... more