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Management Training News: w/c 20th November 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 20th November 2011

This week, we celebrate one year of MTL News with a special 25% discount on all MTL management training products. See the details in the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a look at the life and work of Henry Mintzberg; the second in our new series of Questions and Answers, on facilitation; how to make more sales with the SPIN model; and our spotlight on the "Flying Eggs" teambuilder.


25% Off Discount to Celebrate One Year of MTL News!

25off_142 This week marks the first anniversary of our weekly series of MTL News. Since 22nd November 2010, we've been bringing you free management training materials every week to help you become a better manager, trainer and learner. So, to celebrate, we're running a special discount of 25% off any products that you buy from now until December 4th 2011. Simply use the discount code "mtlbirthday" when you order and you can enjoy huge savings on your management training products. Check out all our past year's features at the link here... more


Management Gurus: Henry Mintzberg

mintzberg_142 Henry Mintzerg was born in Canada in 1939 and has spent nearly all his life working in that country. He studied at McGill University in Montreal as a mechanical engineer and, after some time with Canadian National Railways returned to the university to become profesor of management studies. His impact as a management guru began with his book, "The Nature of Managerial Work" in 1973, when after years of detailed research and observation into the daily habits and time management of chief executive officers... more


Questions and Answers: The Role of Facilitator

facilitation_175 After last week's first feature in our new "Questions and Answers" series of management training materials, here is the second on the role of the facilitator. This series will show you how to impart a skill using a one-to-one coaching approach. You can put yourself in the shoes of the trainee trying to understand what exactly it is that a facilitator does. Or put yourself in the position of the expert giving practical tips and techniques that the coachee can try out... more


How to Succeed at Selling: the SPIN Model

spinselling_142 One of the key principles of selling is that people only buy when they have a problem. All the time your laptop computer is working, you have no problem and no need for a backup service. Only when it goes down and threatens to ruin your business communications do you want a service that will give you peace of mind. It is this obvious but under-appreciated principle that underlies a management model known by the acronym, SPIN... more


Spotlight on the "Flying Eggs" Teambuilder

12._flying_eggs_142 In our "Spotlight" series, we like to shine a light on some of our most successful online management training materials. Well, here is one that never fails to work: "Flying Eggs". "Flying Eggs" is one of those training games that quickly draws people in. It's competitive. It's challenging. And it's a whole lot of fun. This is one of those games where you simply can't sit back and watch; you have to join in. The beauty of it is that, with our fully resourced package, you can draw out a range of valuable learning points that can turn an enjoyable teambuilder into a memorable training event... more