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Management Training News: w/c 25th November 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 25th November 2012

This week, we start by putting the spotlight on our 30% discounted Skills Collection. If you're learning or training in a management or personal development skill, don't miss this special offer. See item 1 below now.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a feature on where power lies in organisations; a new quiz on The Nature of Change; a coaching session on handling a customer complaint; and why our Bumper Bundles are unbeatable value.


Get a 30% Discount on Your Instant Management Skills Library

bumperbundles_142 The MTL Skills Collections are your chance to own full collections of skill-related products from the ManageTrainLearn catalogue and make 30% savings over normal catalogue prices. For each of the 20 skill collections, you'll get instant downloads of all the relevant management training products for your chosen skill making these the very best materials for each skill that you'll find. In this way, you can create instant libraries of outstanding, original, and practical management training material. These collections are ideal for trainers who want to offer their clients the very best in skills training... more


Where does power lie in today's organisations?

thenatureofpower_142 According to Jeffrey Pfeffer of the Stanford Business School, power is the only way things get done in an organization. While this is undoubtedly true, today’s empowered organizations have changed our whole notion about just what power is and who really has it. In today's information organisations, everyone has a level of power they never had before. Add to that the power that comes from personal skills and the whole balance of power can shift. Here are 7 key factors in how power works in today's "empowered" organisations along with links to related management training products on the nature of power... more


This Week's Quiz: The Nature of Change

questiondice_142 Do you know what kind of response is needed in times of change? Do you know the difference between stable and unstable environments? Is it better to reward conformance in times of change or not? Do you know what creature is anecdotally used to illustrate failure to respond to change? And are those at the top of an organisation more vulnerable to change than others? All of these and more are in this week's quiz on The Nature of Change and is one of the management training resources featured in our online Change Management programmes. The quiz is free to enter and you could win a prize. For fun and learning, try this week's quiz here... more


How to Handle a Customer Complaint

04qandacustomercomplaints_142 Our series of scripted coaching sessions that we call "Questions and Answers" has proved popular with those of you who like this learning style. This week we bring you the latest in this series and listen in to a scripted coaching session on handling customer complaints. You'll learn loads of tips, including important Do's and Dont's, the first thing to do when someone complains, and exactly when and when not to use a customer's name. Take a look at this coaching conversation now and join our growing band of fans... more


Unbeatable Value-for-Money Collections of Management Training Products

20_01 The MTL Bumper Bundles are your chance to own full collections of ManageTrainLearn products and make significant savings over normal catalogue prices. By downloading full sets of our management training products, you can create instant libraries of outstanding, original, and immediately useable training material. These collections of the finest management training materials around are ideal for corporate training departments, training consultants, and trainers who want to offer their clients cutting-edge learning products and services... more