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Management Training News: w/c 27th November 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 27th November 2011

This week, we're delighted to bring you the 20th, and last, in our series of 10-day email courses. It's on Training Skills and you can sign up right now from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a reminder of our great 25% discount offer on any of our management training products; a look at the life and work of a colossus of management; using the AIDA model to sell and persuade; and our spotlight on the "Counselling Skills" set of one-day course plans.


We Close our E-Course Series with "Training Skills"

Training Skills E-course If you want to experience the best in online management training materials, you need look no further than our series of 10-day email courses. And, this week, we add the last e-course in the series, on Training Skills. The response to this set of free management training materials has been overwhelming. Clearly, many of you like to receive your learning in a way that fits in with today's busy lifestyle: good succinct quality material, manageable bite-size pieces; and ready in your inbox for when you want to read it. Sign up now... more


One Week Left of Our 25% Discount Offer!

25% Discount on all Products There's one week left to take advantage of our 25% discount to mark the one-year birthday of MTL News. Buy any MTL management training product up till this date, enter the discount code "mtlbirthday", and you'll get 25% off the catalogue price. This means that, on some of our bigger management training products, such as our Skills Collections and Bumper Bundles, you can make huge savings of hundreds of pounds. Click the links to see our full product list!... more


A Colossus in the Development of Management

Frederick Winslow Taylor As you will know if you are regular readers of these weekly management training materials, we regularly feature some of the greats of management theory. But this week, we look at a colossus: Frederick Winslow Taylor. F W Taylor is widely regarded as the man who turned management from a rule-of-thumb practice into a scientific discipline. He did this at some personal cost but, through his practical demonstrations of how his theories worked, made a lasting change in the development of work. Learn about this extraordinary man here.... more


Using AIDA to Sell and Persuade

AIDA - Management Model AIDA is principally used in marketing as a way of describing the 4 stages that people go through when accepting a new idea or buying a new product. It is thought to have been devised by E St Elmo Lewis in 1898 who created the model for the life insurance sales industry. AIDA is also an excellent way to describe the steps in persuasive presentations. In this feature, we'll show you how AIDA works for a team leader asking his team for some extra overtime... more


Spotlight on the "Counselling Skills" set of One-Day Course Plans

MTL One-day Course Plans - Counselling Skills The MTL One-day Course Plans are one of the most popular management training products on the ManageTrainLearn site. They give you everything you need to run an effective one-day course in your chosen topic. And you have 60 topics to choose from. The 3 course plans in Counselling Skills give you a wealth of management training materials that will make a huge difference to how well your managers and specialists handle people issues, such as poor performance, sickness absence, and personality clashes. Start here with the first in the series... more