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Management Training News: w/c 9th December 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 9th December 2012

This week, a reminder that you've got just a week left to use your 15% discount on all MTL management training products. See details in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a newly re-discovered management model that we just love; a new quiz called, "Awareness, Acceptance, and Growth"; why MTL products offer real value; and our round-up of November 2012's management training resources.


Last Week of our 15% Birthday Discount on ALL MTL Products!

1503_175 You've got just a week left to use your 15% discount on all MTL training products. Simply enter the discount code, "mtlbirthday" when you order and you can enjoy massive savings on all your favourite MTL products. That means savings of more than £50 on any of our Bumper Bundle Course Plan Collections and over £27 on our highly popular Skills Collections like Leadership Skills. It's true! Christmas really has come early this year. Browse more than 600 products from our fantastic online catalogue starting here... more


Management Training Models: "Level 5 Leadership"

level5leaders_175_01 Now and again, we come across a management model that just smacks us in the eye. One that's full of obvious common sense that we wonder why we never came across it before. One that confirms something that we always knew to be true but that fashion and conventional wisdom suggested couldn't be true. One that makes you feel connected, inspired, and motivated. Well, we found it (maybe re-found it) with Jim Collins' concept of "Level 5 Leadership". We love it and think it should be much more widely known. So here's our first feature on it... more


This Week's Quiz: "Awareness, Acceptance and Growth"

quiz04_175 Do you know the name of Joe Luft and Harry Ingham's self-awareness model from 1955? Should we be able to value ourselves first before we can value others? Do you know the difference between a deflected excuse and a retroflected one? Is it better to be trained as a counsellor to help people with problems at work? And do you know the names of each of the panes in the Self-Awareness window? All of these and more are in this week's quiz on Awareness, Acceptance and Growth and is one of the management training resources featured in our online Counselling Skills programmes. The quiz is free to enter and you could win a prize. For fun and learning, try this week's quiz here... more


Why MTL Products are "Real Value for Money"

managingpersonalities_175_01 Here's what Jonathan S. Ross of Black Rock Consulting says about MTL management training products: "I just wanted to commend MTL on the quality, breadth and scope of materials which you have made available over the past few years. I am particularly impressed by the content from recognized authorities in their field which you have distributed as a value-added service to the management training community. While many companies give away their own white papers of dubious quality in an attempt to lure new customers, ManageTrainLearn actually offers real value with its products." Find out for yourself here... more


Our Round-Up of November's Management Training Resources

roundup_142 Here's your chance to catch up on the pick of November 2012's management training resources in our end-of-month round-up. In November, we brought you 2 new newsletters, "Taking a Risk in Dangerous Times" and "The Real Secret to Motivation" which you can still read. We also gave you 4 new quizzes, 2 new Hints and Links features; and spotlights on the Mini-course series, our favourite Teambuilder, the Skills Collections, and Bumper Bundles. Plus lots more that you can re-visit from this link... more