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Management Training News: w/c 23rd December 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 23rd December 2012

This week is Christmas week and so we're extending our good friend, Paulo Coelho's short tale, "A Christmas Story", for one more week. (We love it.) Read it from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include our current newsletter, "Earning Your Trainer's Wings"; our first look back at 2012 with the Big Big Quiz; 4 more Christmas party games from our training chest; and our spotlight on one of our best-loved MTL e-books, "Management Learning Bites".


"A Christmas Tale" by Paulo Coelho

clownjugglingoranges02_142 In the New Year, we'll be bringing you our series of Personal Effectiveness features which include a piece by Bruna Martinuzzi on "Simplicity". As a foretaste of this feature, we've decided to run our good friend, Paulo Coelho's short tale, "A Christmas Story", for one more week. Of course, it's a delightful tale about Christmas. But it's also about simplicity, truth, and giving of your best. We can't think of a better theme for this time of year. And that's why it comes with all our good wishes for Christmas and the New Year... more


Newsletter: "Earning Your Trainer's Wings"

itsawonderfullife_175 We're certainly in the Christmas mood this week with a newsletter that will make your heart glow with the festive Christmas spirit. It's about one of our all-time favourite films, "It's a Wonderful Life", which is a must-watch after Christmas lunch in our house. Sure, it's got a Christmassy theme and it's got a good business story with a message for modern-day Scrooges and money-grabbers. But, there's another reason why we love it. Because it tells you how you can earn your trainer's wings. Intrigued? Then read on... more


The Big Big Quiz of 2012 Part I

quiz02_175_01 In the first part of our look back at the past year, we start our Big Big Quiz of 2012 with 33 quiz questions on features we ran from January to March. We have questions on bullying bosses, customer service, and Ken Blanchard. We follow these with even tougher questions on James Lavenson's presentation on running a hotel, the systematic approach to managing your business, and how to win an audience over. And you'll also rack your brains for answers on the thinkingmanagers website, open and closed concentration, fraud awareness, and the leadership continuum. Ready? Then off you go!... more


4 More Christmas Party Games from Our Training Chest

christmaspartygames02_175 Now that Christmas is practically upon us, here are 4 more games you can play using the sets of Quotes, Tips, and One-Liners that come with our MTL Motivators series. You can either select your own quotes (or use those that come in Christmas crackers) or simply pick your favourite MTL Motivators and pick one of the hundreds of quotes that come free with them. Either way, you're bound to have a merry old time with these fun games - and maybe learn a tip or two in the process. Enjoy a very happy MTL Christmas... more


Spotlight on... "Management Learning Bites"

learningbitespic_175 One of our proudest achievements as management trainers is the number of books we've produced that have delighted both trainers and learners. Even though we were the first business to create e-manuals back in the late 1990's, followed by our pocketbook series and then our hugely successful one-day course plans in the early 2000's, the one book that stands out for us is the collection of 1000 tips on management and personal development that we call, "Management Learning Bites". This collection is one of the most original and valued of all our output. Find out why we're putting the spotlight on this book here... more