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Management Training News: w/c 25th December 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 25th December 2011

This week's collection of management training resources coincides with Christmas Day, so, following last week's story from our good friend Paulo Coelho, we bring you another Christmas tale from him called "The Pine Tree of St Martin". Read it from the first link below with our wishes for a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the "Customer Care" collection of coaching quotes; our bumper 20-question quiz on this year's management training materials; how to deliver customer service style; and our spotlight on the MTL Teambuilder, "An Open and Closed Case".


"The Pine Tree of St Martin" by Paulo Coelho

04._thepinetree_142 Last week we took a break from our usual selection of management training materials to bring you "A Christmas Tale" from Paulo Coelho. We hope you enjoyed its blend of simplicity and mystery. This week, we give you another Christmas tale from Paulo that is just as simple and just as magical. It's called "The Pine Tree of St Martin" and is set on Christmas Eve in a little village in the French Pyrenees called St Martin... more


MTL Motivators: Customer Care

02custcaremotivators_142 We end this year's series of free management training materials in the same way that we started: with outstanding management training products for you to download to your computer for your own use or for use on training courses. To end the year, we present the third in our new series of MTL Motivators, on Customer Care. Here are our selection of the best quotes on delivering customer service. They come from some of the most successful and insightful writers in customer management. Click the link and download them immediately for your own enjoyment... more


The Big Big Quiz of 2011: Part One

quiz_142 To mark the end of 2011, we're running a series of three Big Quizzes on the different management training materials and management training products that we have featured over the year. In part one, we give you 20 questions about some of the items that we published from 3rd January to 24th April. See if you can answer them correctly from memory first. If that's too difficult, you can take a peek by going to our Management Training Resources archive page and re-reading the feature. Next week, we'll give you the second selection of 20 and after that, to bid goodbye to 2011, the third.... more


Customer Service Style

customerservicestyle_175 If you want to get ahead of the competition, there's really only one way to do it: offer your customers something so special that they will come back to you again and again just for the experience of being one of your customers. This is what we call "customer service style". It happens when you do the 7 things in this article, including treating everyone special, putting on a show, and lifting spirits with a smile on your face. Learn these 7 important actions, and you'll never be short of a queue of customers eager to buy your product or service... more


Spotlight on the MTL Teambuilder, "An Open and Closed Case"

35._an_open_and_shut_case_142MTL Teambuilders are one of our most popular sets of management training products. That's because in each fully-resourced package we give you a tried-and-trusted activity to build your team. In "An Open and Closed Case", teams present a series of lateral thinking problems to each other and through a process of open and closed questioning gradually unearth what is really going on. This teambuilder is a great way to demonstrate using the right kind of questions and the right kind of listening to bring a team closer together... more