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Management Training News: w/c 27th December 2010

Management Training Resources: w/c 27th December 2010

This week, we have some great new management training materials for you, starting with a free download of one of the most enduring self-improvement books ever written, Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People".

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include three persuasion techniques from Aristotle; a story for Christmas 2010 from Paulo Coelho exclusively for ManageTrainLearn readers; a look at one of the most well-known models of management, "Learning Styles"; and our description of a really great original icebreaker called "Testing Your Assumptions".

May we also trust that over this festive period you are enjoying a Happy Christmas and looking forward to a peaceful and prosperous New Year!


"How to Win Friends and Influence People"

02._howtowinfriends_142"How to Win Friends and Influence People" is one of the first self-help books ever published. Written by Dale Carnegie and first appearing in 1937, it has sold 15 million copies worldwide. It is probably the most famous of all Carnegie's numerous self-help books. This book is offered as one of our regular offers of free management training materials. Just log in and download one of the most life-changing books ever written.


An Appeal from Aristotle

03._ethospathoslogos_1422300 years ago in a work called "On Rhetoric", Aristotle, one of ancient Greece’s greatest minds, wrote down the secret to being a persuasive speaker. The secret was the 3 "appeals" and they are the basis of every successful public speaking book written ever since. The 3 appeals are: ethos, logos and pathos.


The Pine Tree of St Martin

04._thepinetree_142This story has been given to ManageTrainLearn by Paulo Coelho for Christmas 2010. It is set in a little village in the French Pyrenees called St Martin. One Christmas Eve, the parish priest was getting ready for Christmas Mass when he began to smell the delicious fragrance of summer flowers.


Models of Management: What is your Learning Style?

05._learningstyles_142In the mid 1970’s Peter Honey and Alan Mumford adapted David Kolb’s model of Experiential Learning for use with a group of middle and senior managers. They published their version of the model in The Manual of Learning Styles in 1982. The model enables you to discover your predominant learning style and is another in our series of free management training materials for you to use in your training.


An Original Icebreaker: Testing Your Assumptions

06._testingyourassumptions_142This icebreaker is one of the most successful we've ever used at ManageTrainLearn. In fact, it's much more than an icebreaker as it can lead to some very valuable learning lessons. It works best with a group who are new to each other and are going to be together for one or more days. Another in our series of online management training  materials for you.