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Training Exercise: Are You Awake Yet?

wakeup_142This exercise is a fun way to get your trainees' attention and so is a good warm-up at the start of a session.
Group size: any size
Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Running Time: 10 minutes
Exercise Style: Amusing game with a serious point
Multiple Intelligences: auditory and linguistic
Materials: These facilitator notes

1. Start the game by saying something like, "Before we get started, I just want to make sure everyone is awake and alert. So, I'm going to ask you a word to repeat out loud 5 times followed by a question."
2. Continue by saying, "The first word is "silk". Repeat it with me 5 times." Make sure everyone says the word "silk" 5 times out loud. You can count them down on your fingers. (To show that this is not meant to be taking too seriously, you can over-exaggerate things.)
3. Pause and ask everyone, "Now for question 1. What do cows drink?" Almost everyone will answer "milk" at which point you nicely point out that most cows you know drink water.
4. Express concern that not everyone is quite awake yet so you'll try the exercise again.
5. Repeat with the second word which is "most". Repeat this with everyone 5 times and then ask, "What do you put in a toaster?" Many people will answer "toast", though some participants will catch on and say after some hesitation, "bread".
6. Point out that most people do put bread in their toaster. Congratulate them on their improvement and say that, just to be sure that everyone is awake and alert, you have one final go.
7. This time, the word is "spot". Again repeat it 5 times with everyone and then ask, "what do you do at a green light?" A few people will stay "stop" but will quickly realise where they went wrong and correct themselves that it should be "go".
8. Now that you have everyone's attention, you can move on to the main part of the session.

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