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Management Websites: The Best Skills Sites Part 2

bestskillssites02There are now a large number of outstanding websites where you can find tips, techniques, and advice on learning management and personal development skills. Not only is the information excellently presented, it is also freely available. The only drawback is finding it. Some of the best sites don't appear in the search engines or skills directories. So we've taken it upon ourselves to help you locate the best of the best. Following our first collection last week, this week we have 5 more skills and 15 more links to sites that we think you should be studying, visiting, and bookmarking.

This second set of skills covers Customer Care, Delegation and Empowerment, Discipline, Enneagram Personality Types and Facilitation Skills.

Best Skills Sites: Customer Care

The top 5 customer care skills are: managing your organisation's customer relations; building rapport with customers; handling complaints; making the most of moments of truth; and going the extra mile. 3 excellent sites that will help you learn these skills are:

a. see how Fortune 500 companies put customers centre-stage in this big collection of Mission Statements.

b. here is the biggest collection of Customer Service Management articles on the web; far far more than we can count.

c. take the 10-point customer service self-assessment at the Telephone Doctor here.

Best Skill Sites: Delegation and Empowerment

The top 5 delegation and empowerment skills are: matching jobs and people; using delegation to develop others; creating an effective delegation plan; empowering people through trust; and empowering yourself through self-discipline and self-development. 3 sites that will help you become an effective delegating and empowering manager are:

a. this is a good starting point for comparing traditional and new approaches to leadership.

b. find out the difference between delegation and empowerment here.

c. here is a section on delegation from the "Making Management Simple" workbook on

Best Skill Sites: Discipline

The top 5 discipline skills are: understanding the role of discipline in managing people; agreeing acceptable codes of conduct; carrying out investigations; using alternatives; and running a disciplinary hearing. Here are 3 sites that will help you learn these skills.

a. download the Discipline and Grievances at Work Guide from the UK arbitration service, ACAS.

b. use this disciplinary flowchart in your disciplinary procedures.

c. learn how to use counselling in disciplinary cases at the website.

Best Skill Sites: Enneagram Personality Types

5 things you need to know to understand personality types are: what a typology is; different typologies and their application at work; the types in the Enneagram; Enneagram types at work; and how to use the Enneagram to help people grow. Here are 3 excellent sites that will help you gain this knowledge.

a. let Linda Ferguson introduce you to the Enneagram here.

b. see video interviews with each of the 9 personality types starting here.

c. discover your own type and much more at Don Riso’s site.

Best Skill Sites: Facilitation Skills

The top 5 facilitation skills are: knowing the value of facilitation at work; creating a facilitative environment; being able to use facilitation techniques; managing groups facilitatively; and managing individuals facilitatively. Here are 3 sites you'll want to visit.

a. learn what makes a great facilitator in this YouTube video.

b. this is a really good 21-page pdf primer on Group Facilitation that you can download.

c. here is a free-to-download 84-page workbook on Facilitation Skills from Tearfund.

Look out for the next feature in this series when we'll look at another 5 skills and skill sites.