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Top Ten Tips: Building Rapport

rapporttop10tips_175Building rapport is an essential skill today. It allows you to get on with work colleagues, establishes a sound basis for customer service, and guarantees your personal progress through the ranks.

Here are our top ten tips on building rapport with others.

1. Open your heart

It's no good using these top ten tips if you don't genuinely want to be of service to the other person. That means operating from the heart and not the brain.

2. Start with pleasant small talk

Small talk is a good way to start a conversation with someone you don't know. It allows you to make contact on safe ground.

3. Use touches of humour

When you inject a bit of appropriate humour into a conversation, it lightens the atmosphere and gives you a point of contact with the other person.

4. Listen carefully

One of the key top ten tips on building rapport is to listen carefully to others so that you pick up on not just surface information but also underlying feelings, worries and issues.

5. Find something in common

If you are looking for a building rapport technique that will work every time, then find something you both have in common. It can be anything from sharing a pastime to having been to the same school or college.

6. Pace them

Pacing someone means moving at the same speed and rhythm as others. You can do this by mirroring people's voice tone and speed, their body language movements, and their mental and emotional states. One of the best top ten tips.

7. Show empathy

Empathy means showing you understand what another person is feeling. When you do this, you break down the isolation that people often feel and create a powerful basis for building rapport.

8. Use their name

When you use someone's name in conversation, you immediately create a more personal connection with them. For maximum effect, use this technique sparingly.

9. See both sides to an issue

If you are building rapport with someone for the first time and there are issues to sort out, you make yourself more likeable when you let them know you see both sides to the issue, theirs and the other side's.

10. Like them unconditionally

Although you can act your way into rapport by using these top ten tips, you can't fake rapport. For rapport to be genuinely felt, you have to make your mind up to like the other person unconditionally.

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