Sunday 07th June 11:28

Learning and Development Website: Business Balls

businessballs_142Businessballs is one of the most mind-boggling collections of free management training materials that you'll find on the Internet. Founded by Alan Chapman as "a free ethical learning and development website", has been building its huge management training resources since 1999. It is now used by about a million people every month. In this review, we'll give you a taste of why we love this site so much and what you can expect to get from it. Like us, you might become addicted!

Businessballs: Website Categories

The businessballs site stands out because it is such a huge learning and development resource. It can even feel overwhelming to use. But there is a site map to help you get around and this lists the following categories:

· Business/Selling, including subjects such as Business Process Modelling, Networking, and Pest Market Analysis
· Glossaries/Terminology, including a Thesaurus of Business Terms, Management Gurus, and an Acronym Finder
· Amusement/Stress Relief, including Aesop's Fables, Courtroom Gaffes, and the Murphy's Plough positive thinking story
· Human Resources, including Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains, the training evaluation process, and Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences theory
· Leadership/Management, including a range of business models, such as Adizes Ten Stages in the Corporate Life Cycle, love and spirituality in management, and the Six Sigma methodology
· Teambuilding/Games, including the biggest listing you'll find of teambuilding warm-ups, icebreakers, and creative thinking games
· Self/Personal Development, including NLP techniques, an "I am" script for personal change, and David Grove's "Clean Language" technique
· Lifestyle/Environment, including ideas to help you sleep and the Japanese garden and meditation centre
· Writing/Communication, including writing a cv, body language, and a sample of a Code of Practice
· Diagrams/Tools, including diagrams of learning models and theories.

Businessballs: Free Resources

Everything on the site is of course free, (to its huge credit, this is not a membership or paid-for site, though it could be). For those interested in it as a learning and development website, here are some downloadable highlights:

· a training course certificate template here
· hundreds of free quizzes for pub games, dinner parties and training courses here
· a teambuilding activities evaluation form in an Excel file here
· a reflective diary template in Word or pdf format here
· free inspirational, motivational, and funny posters here
· a training planner template here
· a time management time log template here
· a personal strengths profile form here

This list hardly scratches the surface, so you have been warned!

Businessballs: In Summary

If we were to sum up the website, we would have to say that it is the fullest, most comprehensive and most accessible learning and development website on the Net. Sometimes, it wanders off the track a bit, (such as lists of Cockney rhyming slang and funny air traffic controllers quotes) but whatever the material, it is always done with the passion, sharing, and enjoyment it was set up to achieve.