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Website Review: easytraining

MTL News Website Review EasytrainingEasytraining is the website of Claire Bellios who runs Chic Hospitality Consulting Services from her base in Vancouver. Claire specialises in people management, employee motivation, and hospitality operations. The site offers a range of valuable information including forum highlights, quick assistance, regular newsletters, and booklists. But there is one item that, for us, makes this site special and why we will come back to this site again and again. The Best Presentation Ever?

Although there is much to be admired on the easytraining website, the one reason I love this site (and have done for many years) is for one reason only: a wonderful presentation from James Lavenson to the American Marketing Association on customer service. It's called "Think Strawberries" and it’ll have you smiling to yourself one minute and nodding in agreement the next. It works on many levels. It’s an astonishing testimony to an inspiring leader, (Lavenson was president and chief executive of the prestigious Plaza Hotel in New York); it’s a great template for a superb presentation, (check out the almost imperceptible presentation techniques that are used); and it’s a unique learning experience. (You guessed: I like it!) Just read it. And pray that you have a leader who can similarly rise to the occasion next time he or she is in front of a microphone!

The address is here:

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