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Hints and Links: Appraisal Skills

counsellingskills_175_01Here is the latest in our series of one-line hints and one-click links. It's on "Appraisal Skills" and will give you a ready-made library of online resources to use in training your staff.

Appraisal Skills Hint 1: People don't dislike appraisals; they dislike bad appraisals.
Click here for a definition of Appraisal from

Appraisal Skills Hint 2: Don't use appraisals to judge your staff; nobody likes being judged.
Here's a feature on Grading Employee Performance from mgemanagementexperts.

Appraisal Skills Hint 3: Appraisals allow managers to update employees on what's going on in the organization and how this affects them.
Here’s an article by Maureen Collins on how to carry out performance appraisal interviews.

Appraisal Skills Hint 4: Appraisals review work in order to make new and better plans.
This case study from Berkeley University illustrates the negotiated approach to performance appraisal.

Appraisal Skills Hint 5: More appraisal schemes are used to develop staff than to control them.
Here is an in-depth review of performance management from impactfactory .

Appraisal Skills Hint 6: Good appraisal should be a two-way exchange of views.
Find out what is meant by “acive conversation” on naukrihub ’s site.

Appraisal Skills Hint 7: Inputs from others, sometimes known as 360 degree feedback, are useful if a manager wants a rounded view of someone's performance.
Get a questionnaire, report, and workbook using 360 degree feedback from panoramicfeedback.

Appraisal Skills Hint 8: Appraisal may be seen as a cost or a profit depending on how well it is managed.
Download a free 3-page Office Performance Appraisal form from entrepreneur .com

Appraisal Skills Hint 9: Appraisal of a period of work should be integrated with ongoing feedback of performance.
Click here to read David Lee’s article on How to Give Constructive Feedback.

Appraisal Skills Hint 10: There are dangers in rating schemes where criteria, attributes and scoring are not clearly defined.
This naukrihub site covers all the important issues on performance appraisal, including succession planning, the challenges, and using appraisal to motivate.

Appraisal Skills Hint 11: An appraisal interview that helps employees to develop has similarities with a performance counselling session.
Read Appraisal Smart’ s 4-page Performance Appraisal Interview guidelines.

Appraisal Skills Hint 12: What an employee thinks of their performance is far more important from a motivation point of view than what the assessor thinks.
Here's some advice from successfactors on how to write a self-assessment.

Appraisal Skills Hint 13: The appraisal process can help us to gain a better understanding of our boss and their needs.
Click here for an article on 7 Ways to Manage Up from guidance counselor Penelope Trunk.

Appraisal Skills Hint 14: Until they are shown what they are really good at by a supportive appraiser, many people do not recognize their own strengths.
Here is a list of performance appraisal articles from Robert Bacal at the Performance Management Help Center .

Appraisal Skills Hint 15: A boss-subordinate relationship should be close (but not too close).
Here are more than 25 humourous cartoons on the boss relationship in the appraisal process to end on a light note.