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Training Courses: Icebreakers and Exercises

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Icebreakers and Exercises: Appealing to Every Intelligence

multipleintelligenceexercises_142If you want to run icebreakers and exercises that will appeal to every person on your training courses, then you can easily do it by building them around each of the 7 multiple intelligences. The multiple intelligences are the 7 ways in which we each like to work, play, and learn. They are: the linguistic; the interpersonal; the intrapersonal; the visual; the kinaesthetic; the auditory; and the mathematical. Let's show you how with examples... more


The Top 10 Icebreakers and Exercises of 2010, Part Two

icebreakers02_142In the first part of this series, (see below), we brought you the bottom half of the top 10 Icebreakers and Exercises of 2010 as chosen by the users of the Continuing Education section of This week it's the top 5 starting with that all-important number one spot. Take a look at them. Did you guess them right? Do you agree with the list and order? Why not find out why they are the top icebreakers and exercises by using them on your next training courses... more


The Top 10 Icebreakers and Exercises of 2010, Part One

top10icebreakers_175Have you ever wondered what the top 10 icebreakers and exercises are? If so, we have some answers for you. The Continuing Education section of ran a survey amongst their users to find the most popular introduction exercises on their training courses. In part 2 of this series, we'll tell you what the top 5 were. But first we'll give you the bottom half of the top 10... more


Is This the Greatest Ever Training Exercise?

browneyesblueeyes_175"Brown eyes, blue eyes" is the name often given to an anti-discrimination experiment that was carried out in America in 1968. It was conducted in a small school in Riceville, Iowa, amongst 8-year-old children on the day after the assassination of Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King. It is one of the most striking training exercises ever attempted. Find out by watching the 46-minute video at the end of this article if you agree that this is the greatest training exercise ever... more


Icebreakers and Exercises: The Superstar Questionnaire

johnnydepp_175The Superstar Questionnaire is a series of questions that are given to famous movie stars who appear on the "Inside the Actor's Studio" TV programme on the Bravo Cable station in New York. The programme is an interview between the star and presenter James Lipton in front of students from the Drama School at Pace University. At the end of each interview, Lipton asks each guest the same 10 questions in the Superstar Questionnaire. If you run training courses, you can use the same 10 questions as an icebreaker game and make your own trainees feel like Hollywood superstars... more


Icebreakers and Exercises: Testing Your Assumptions

06._testingyourassumptions_142This icebreaker is one of the most successful we've ever used at ManageTrainLearn. In fact, it's much more than an icebreaker as it can lead to some very valuable learning lessons. It works best with a group who are new to each other and are going to be together for several days. Find out how to run it... more


What's Your Top Management Training Icebreaker?

icebreaker02_142Icebreakers are valuable ingredients in any successful training event. You can use them for breaking the ice at the start of a course, bringing people together at the close, and changing the energy of a group at any point during the course. So what are the 3 most popular icebreakers? Well, we carried out a straw poll on our training courses and this is the result. See if you agree... more


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