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Website Review: Management Study Guide

msg3_175Management Study Guide is one of the best free tutorials for students of business studies and those hoping to make a career in management. Based in India, with an obvious aim at that country's burgeoning business community, it covers all aspects of management in subjects such as marketing, human resources, communications, customer relationship management, and finance with each subject written by an expert in the field. Not only does it have a comprehensive management training resources library, it also allows users to join groups and build networks so that they can share interests and advice. We think it is one of the biggest-value management training resources currently available whether to those who are new to management or those who are seeking a refresher.

Management Study Guide: A Quick Tour

On the Home page of the website, you have a range of choices about where to go, including the following:

Browse by Subject: this allows you to look up any of 70 subject areas, from Advertising Management to Youth Entrepreneurship. These are like short courses. As an example, we selected Project Management and found 20 outstanding and comprehensive articles from "What is a Project?" to "Quality Frameworks - ISO, Six Sigma".

Recent Topics: managementstudyguide has a database of articles on its range of topics and this link will take you to the latest. When we visited, we were able to read articles on Corporate Governance and International Retail Store design principles

Questions and Answers: this link allows you to ask a question, get answers from fellow users, and see how previous questions were answered

People Search: this link allows you to search the list of registered members, find out something about them, (including, their connections, posts, and, interestingly, their "karma"), send messages, and make connections.

Powerpoint Presentations: this is a new feature on the site and allows you to sign up for a large number of excellent presentations from "Facing Interview" to "Five Dimensions of Culture". We've signed up and the range of material is extraordinary with currently 45 Powerpoints and new ones added each week. You can also view demos of every single presentation.

Management Study Guide: Our Verdict

The website is an excellent management training resource. It is easy to use, packed with terrific content, and well worth any visit whether for a short reference or a longer browse. It is also one of the few management training websites to include a social learning feature where you can connect with others interested in the same areas as you and learn from them. We score the site highly and see it as a valuable player in online management training resources.

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