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Management Training Website Review: changingminds

changingminds_142I am full of admiration for the author of, David Straker. He’s compiled a huge resource of interconnected websites covering the whole gamut of management learning models and theories. In David’s own words, he is first a learning junkie, hooked on the thrill of discovery; second, an engineer who needs to connect theory to practice, and thirdly a management training enthusiast who loves to pass on what he knows.

Come and Explore changingminds

The first thing you see when you go on the site is a set of Quick Links divided into 5 categories: Disciplines, Techniques, Principles, Explanations, Theories, and a section simply called And...In these categories are links which will take you to a larger section or a significant section. So, clicking on a larger section such as Leadership takes you to a page full of links to 60 further pages covering items such as Leadership Styles and Leadership Theories. Clicking on a significant section such as Listening will take you to a series of articles covering such items as High-integrity Listening and Why You Should Listen.

What Makes Changingminds Special?

The thing that makes special is the personality of David Straker behind it all. You really feel that on each page there is a person talking to you one on one. For example, there is a page called Caveat in which David honestly tells you to think first before accepting anything on the site because it is a site aimed at "changing minds". I also like David's list of recent changes on the right-hand column where you get to see what David's been doing to the site. There are adverts to be sure but it's not a selling site; there's only one book for sale. In view of this, it's odd that David is asking people to go and vote for the site in the Annual Top Sales Awards for 2010. In view of everything you get in this site, - over 5000 pages of great free material, - I'd say we should all rush over and vote. I have.

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