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Management Website Review: 12manage

Management Training Website Review: 12manage

12manageindexpage_142When you go to the home page of the 12manage website, the first thing you see is the slogan, "All you need to know about management", followed by 3 sub-headings. These are:
• discover summaries of management methods and models
• discuss management issues with managers, consultants and academics
• take advantage of our management tools.

In fact, these 3 activities are only a small portion of what this site offers. And you'll quickly discover the wealth of management training material on this site as soon as you log in.

The Dictionary

When you click the first main tab on the toolbar, "Dictionary", you're presented with one of the biggest lists of management training topics I've ever seen. The 0 to 9 list simply fills up the screen, and so does every other letter of the alphabet all the long way down the page.

Picking one of the least crowded, the letter L, I counted 63 entries, starting with "Laggards", (slow innovation adopters), and going through Kurt Lewin, (the developer of Force Field Analysis), and Edward Lorenz, (originator of Chaos Theory), to the last entry which is "Lure Procedure", (a persuasion technique aimed at attracting interest with an appealing proposal).

FAQs and Methods

12manage_142_01The second tab on the top toolbar, FAQ, is a short series of questions that link to just a fraction of this dictionary. A much more interesting tab is "Methods" which divides up the whole A to Z encyclopaedia into distinct management training categories, such as "Change and Organisation", "Communication and Skills", and "Leadership". These read down the page in columns which immediately link you to your chosen method, model or theory.

Making Your Own Contribution

The site is also a management membership site and other tabs allow you to link up with other users, submit your own views on categories such as Advices, Anecdotes, and Articles or by interest area such as Decision-Making and Marketing. I couldn't resist adding a management training anecdote from our own "Stories that Coach" series.

Your personal Start Page links you not just to the wonderful management training resources on the site but also to key Web resources such as management magazines, business news channels, business books, and other useful tools such as a calculator, acronym-finder, and travel route planner. On this page, I particularly liked a side column where you can send an email, upload a 1Mb file, record your personal and company web links, and, neatest of all, make your own notes.

So, Why Is It Called "12manage"?

I got so stuck in on this site that I completely forgot my initial query about this site. Why is it called "12manage"? On doing my own research, I thought it was because you can translate any page into one of 12 languages (including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). Only after more wandering around did I realize that in fact it’s due to the 12 hubs around which the site is built. These hubs are 12 management training topics ranging from change through human resources and leadership to supply change and quality.

Who Gets the Plaudits?

The plaudits for the site must go to Jaap de Jonge who is based in the Netherlands. Jaap claims that the site is visited by 1 million senior managers every month. I can well believe it. If your boss loves management training topics as much as I do, do encourage them to visit, but for the sake of your business, don't let them stay too long or too often!


This site is a formidable management training resource. It's a researcher's dream, a browser's excuse for whiling away a lazy afternoon, and a fact-finder's paradise. At its core is the A to Z dictionary of management training methods, models and theory. When I last looked there were over 2000 easy-to-access entries. Since you can add your own entries to the dictionary, the chances are the number is much higher by now. It’s like an internet in an internet just for managers.

Summary of Free Management Training Resources

• an A to Z dictionary of 2000 management training resources accessible by letter or by category
• a membership site where you can add your own material
• free 12manage toolbar
• a my notes, my links, my email feature
• with an upgrade, add your own items, from articles to opinions to quotes and website reviews (like this one)
• news and features links.

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