Sunday 07th June 10:21

Management Training Websites: Management Help

03._managementhelp We first came across the Managementhelp website some years ago when there was little else on management development on the web. We were astounded then and still are now. It’s an amazing resource, the work of one man, Carter McNamara. Carter calls the site a “complete, highly integrated library of management material”. And it’s hard to argue with that. There doesn’t appear to be anything left out. It covers everything in business from A, Action Learning, to W, Writing for Business and much more in-between.

Not Just Information but an MBA as well

At the heart of Managememnthelp is the library of 96 management-related topics which you'll find on the home page. When you click on any of these topics, you go to a page which is full of further references and links which you can explore as the desire takes you. If you want, you can choose a different starting point by clicking on an index and finding the sub-topic you're after straightaway. If you want your exploration to become more formal, you can take the free eMBA programme for profit or non-profit organisations. This is a well laid-out programme of 10 modules that is based on the library of topics and so completely free.

A Typical Journey Through Managementhelp

Let’s see what happens when you explore one topic, say Group Skills. After clicking the home page link, you arrive on a page with 18 sub-headings. These will take you to summaries of information and then further links to external and internal sites. Everything is covered from "Understanding Facilitation" to "Core Skills" and "Icebreakers and Warm-Up Activities" and each of these sub-topics has further links of their own.

Other Management Training Resources on Managementhelp

In addition to the management library, also has a range of online business assessment tools to get an idea of how your business is doing; links to management periodicals, blogs and reference materials; and a link to sites with job banks. There really isn't much left out. If there is, you only need to submit a link and Carter will probably add it. I take my hat off to this incredible management training resource. It's not just one of the oldest; it's also one of the best. Here is the link again: