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Team Training Exercises: Missing Words

missingwords"Missing Words" is an adaptation of a standard quiz format and the perfect way to end a course in which you want your trainees to remember some important summaries or quotes.
Preparation Time: 25 minutes
Running Time: up to 15 minutes
Exercise Style: whole group exercise
Multiple Intelligence Style: linguistic
Materials: a list of quotes or summary one-liners on your course themes; flipcharts; bluetack; markers; worksheets.

"Missing Words": Instructions

1. First, make a list of 10 quotes or summary one-liners from your course. (Look below for a great selction of free quotes from ManageTrainLearn.) Use the list as your own checklist when you adjudicate the game.
2. On your checklist, select key words from each quote or one-liner and remove them from the sentences. Make a note separately of what the missing words are. Copy out your checklist with the sentence gaps as worksheets for your trainees.
3. Now write up each quote on 10 flipcharts with gaps where the missing words are. Post the flipcharts around the training room. You are now ready to play the game.
4. In the first round, the group has no help from you. Their task is to visit each flipchart in turn and decide what the missing words are and record them on their group worksheet. You can make it a rule that the group must all agree on the missing words.
5. Score the answers. If any of the answers are incorrect, allow the group two further goes to get all the answers correct.
6. If at the end of the "blind" rounds, the group have still not found all the answers, you can help them by giving them post-it notes with the first letter on, the first and last letters on, or the first, last and all missing letters on. The group must place these post-it notes on the correct quote to score.
7. When the group has finally succeeded in finding all the missing words, congratulate them and hand out copies of your checklist so that they can take away the quotes they have used in the game. You can have a discussion on the quotes themselves and how well the group worked together.

"Missing Words": Alternatives and Variations

i. Limit each round to one minute so that there is some pressure on the group to make their choices quickly.
ii. You can turn "Missing Words" into a team game by creating two (or more) teams and handing each team a worksheet with the missing words. After each round, teams must hand in their answers to you and you can put these onto a flipchart and score them in front of the teams. Hand out token prizes to the winning team and make losing teams perform a fun forfeit (eg tidying up the room; making tea or coffee for the winners; cleaning your car).
iii. As well as quotes, "Missing Words" can also use key points from your course.
iv If you want to facilitate this exercise, create two teams and let them pick the quotes they want to test on the other side.

"Missing Words": How to Download Free Sets of Quotes

Download free sets of quotes from the MTL Motivators series of Powerpoint slides. Each file contains 100 of the best quotes on skills ranging from Teambuilding to Customer Care and Assertiveness. Get the full series here.