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Quick-Fire Training: MTL Mini-Courses

06._minicourses_142MTL Mini-Courses are quick-fire training courses that will deliver important lessons in management and personal development in the time it takes most people to open their email. In 80 short, crystal-clear steps, you'll get the essentials of the 20 key MTL skills, from Appraisals to Leadership, Delegation to Recruitment, Communications to Time Management. No flannel. No packaging. No unnecessaries. Colourful, step-by-step, memorable, you'll find that these quick-fire training courses are ideal for learning in those small bundles of time that other people waste.

MTL Mini-Courses Example: Gambits

The "Gambits" Mini-Course is one of a set of 6 mini-courses that you'll get when you download the Influencing and Negotiating Skills pack. Beautifully illustrated and easy to use, "Gambits" has 9 steps which each deal with one negotiating gambit. They are:

1. Become a Master Gambit Player
2. Be Unreasonable, Appear Reasonable
3. Adjourn
4. Tell Them To Do Better
5. Chuck Them a Hot Potato
6. Warn Them Out of their Stalemate
7. Open Up a New Front
8. Try and Buy
9. Cut Some Salami.

You can then visit each step and read a brief and to-the-point description of the gambit along with an illustration. This is why MTL Mini-Courses are known as quick-fire training.

Customer Testimonials

"I have bought a set of MTL Mini-Courses which I can highly recommend. They were concise and interesting and could be used over and over again. Well done MTL. I have also downloaded several free products. Why buy a book when you can read it here for free, especially in this economy. Thank you." (Heike Van Zyl )

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MTL Mini-Courses: Preview and Download

Here are some of the ways you can preview and download the MTL Mini-Courses:
· to preview a set of free MTL Mini-Courses samplers, click here
· to download any of the MTL Mini-Courses series, click here
· to download all 20 sets of MTL Mini-Courses at a discounted price, click on our Bumper Bundle collection here.

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