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How Team Building Can Improve Productivity

How Team Building Can Improve Productivity

Making sure you have a well-functioning team, that communicates and works well together, is not always as easy as it sounds. Every team member needs to be able to work efficiently with the support from their teammates and this may not always come naturally.

Team building events and days are always met with some resistance by staff, but the days of stuffy and awkward meeting room sessions are over. Now, there a multitude of different team building providers who offer exciting and fun days for your team.

Choosing the perfect team building event

An effective team building day should engage and create a healthy competition between team members. Contacting events companies and engaging in activities like treasure hunts for team building, offered by Team Tactics, can be a great way to treat your employees and get them excited to work together.

Getting your staff out of the office and into the open air can help refresh productivity and motivation. It breaks the monotony of everyday office life and gets people into a new environment, in which they can relax and be themselves.

Improving communication

Deciding which event you should do, all depends on the areas you are looking to improve. If you find that your team needs to work on their communication skills, then competitive group activities like treasure hunts, ‘It’s a knockout’ challenges and raft racing are all perfect for getting teams to work together to achieve an end goal.

Sometimes it may be that you need to improve the overall relationships between employees and in that case, a ‘shared experience’ day, like sailing, sports, and racing, can bring your team together. This can help give them the opportunity to get to know each other in a more informal environment.

Enhancing skills and boosting confidence

Team building events can also help to identify weaker skills and areas of improvement within the team. It allows managers to see who communicates best, who is a born leader and who may need a confidence boost in order to get them to work more effectively.
Any team building activity can help to build various teamwork skills, which could help to boost productivity in the long run. Identify those who shrink back from conversation or prefer to follow than to lead and encourage them to take on a more prominent role within the team.

Encouraging your team and showing them that every person is important, can help to boost confidence and create a stronger team. The relationships built over the day can then be carried back to the office and will massively improve how your team works together on everyday tasks. You can even survey your employees, to find out what they thought of the day, how it helped them, how they think it has affected the team and what they would improve about the day. This will then give you a solid base on which to build your next team building activity.