Sunday 07th June 10:16

Website Review: The Tower of Power

towerofpower02_142It's often been said that the number one skill in any business is the ability to effectively communicate with others. If that's true, then the Tower of Power website is an absolute must for anyone wanting to succeed in business. On this site, you'll find some outstanding material that will equip you with excellent social skills. That's because website owner, Australian Joshua Ueberberg, comes at these skills as much from a social angle as a business one. Joshua is a young guy destined for much greater things. Often using himself as an example of a social misfit, he helps others transform themselves from social ugly ducklings into social beautiful swans. And he'll show you just how to do it yourself.

What You'll Find on The Tower of Power

The hub of the Tower of Power site is a series of article topics that I found refreshing, original, and invaluable. They cover 22 areas including:

• Assertiveness
• Attraction
• Confidence and Fear
• Conflict Management
• Conversation Skills
• Emotional Intelligence
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Negotiation
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Persuasion
• Success.

Here are some of the best articles in this section of the site:

• 40 Ways to Make a Good First Impression
• 101 Conversation Starters People Love
• Change Your Words to Change People: Persuasive Power Words
• How to Fight and Win any Argument Fast
• 5 Steps to a Charming and Sexy! Voice
• What Men Want in Women
• How to be Interesting Without Saying a Word
• The Greatest 15 Myths of Communication
• Principles and Tips to Deal with Difficult People.

And here, to give you a flavour of Joshua's writing style, is a paragraph from "The Complete Non-Violent Communication Process for Compassion, Understanding and Peace":

"The need to be understood is possibly the greatest unmet human need. Fulfill this need and you will trigger new experiences, intimate sharing, and connect with people at the heart. Thanks to Dan Kennedy, a great marketer that I intently learn from, I came across a quote by Cavett Robert, founder of the National Speakers Association, who said, “Most people are walking around, umbilical cord in hand, looking for a new place to plug it in.” If you can be that “socket” by understanding the person and empathically receiving their needs, you automatically share an electrifying connection with the person. Something about the person will change before your eyes. They will know something deep is going on without knowing what you are doing."

I love that umbilical cord stuff!

Other Resources on The Tower of Power Website

As well as these great articles, there are a lot of other interesting social skills topics on The Tower of Power. These include a blog with one of the best-looking designs I've ever seen; a selection of services including online coaching (if you're a nerd in need of social development, take it!); a series of book reviews; a free newsletter; and a free 4-part e-course on "Freeing Yourself from Mistakes and Pain". You'll also be able to catch Joshua on video and, like me, wonder at how so young a guy and self-confessed social misfit can transform himself into a communication wizard and social skills expert.

Links on the Tower of Power Website

You'll find the best articles of the Tower of Power site here.

Here's the 4-part e-course.

And here's where to sign up to Joshua's ToP Tips newsletter.