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Training Exercise: Top Quotes

topquotes"Top Quotes" is a great way to use quotes and one-liners about your course and makes an ideal way to summarise the key points of your programme.
Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Running Time: up to 20 minutes
Exercise Style: a game of 3 rounds of influencing and negotiating
Multiple Intelligence Style: interpersonal
Materials: quotes or summary one-liners on your course themes, one per trainee; markers; 3" x 5" cards for each quote; large table.

"Top Quotes": How to Run the Training Exercise

1. Prepare in advance by selecting a set of quotes or one-line summaries on your course theme. Select as many quotes as the number of trainees on your course. Once selected, transfer the quotes to 3" x 5" cards. Lay these out on a large table so that they can all be seen.
2. Meanwhile, tell your group of trainees to decide on up to 5 things that would make a good quote, eg "humour"; "good skill tip"; "motivational"; and "easy to remember". Tell the group to list their criteria on a flipchart.
3. Now invite each person to come up to the table, read through the card quotes and pick one that they personally like. They can do this as a group or one at a time. If two or more trainees want to pick the same card, agree with the group on an order of precedence, eg age, service with the organisation, person who lives furthest away, largest shoe size, and so on.
4. Now start round one. Pair everyone up with everyone else. (If there is an odd number, have one team of 3). The aim now is for each pair to decide which of their 2 quotes is the best against the criteria on the flipchart so that they are left with one card between 2.
5. Once each pair has selected their best card, you can move on to round two, in which pairs pair up with other pairs and repeat the exercise of round one so that they are left with one card between 4.
7. If there are more than 8 trainees, you'll need a final round in which the process is again repeated with the full group choosing the top quote of all. In this final round, the group can also select a second-best and third-best quote.
8. Bring everyone back together to reveal in reverse order the top 3 quotes and feedback on how well they negotiated over the cards and how valuable it was to use the criteria to make their selections.

"Top Quotes": Alternatives and Variations

Limit each round to 3 minutes each so that there is some pressure on the group to make their choices quickly.
Tag this exercise on to an end-of-course session in which your trainees select their own key points from the course. If you use their key points, they will argue more strongly than ever for their own one-liner.

"Top Quotes": How to Download Hundreds of Free Quotes

Don't be stuck for one-liners for the "Top Quotes" teambuilder. Simply go on the ManageTrainLearn site and download the free sets of quotes in the MTL Motivators series. Each file contains 100 of the best quotes on skills ranging from Time Management to Counselling Skills, Discipline to Facilitation. Get the full series here.