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Website for Training Professionals:

training_142Trainingzone is one of the premier UK websites for training professionals and has a membership of some 40,000. It is a site where you can enjoy a huge range of learning material, tune in to the latest training news, and connect with others. The site has a wealth of material for the modern training executive and uses the most up-to-date technology to make access to what you want easy and enjoyable. In short, for the busy training professional, trainingzone is a one-stop resource shop.

How is the Site Structured?

Trainingzone has all the features that you would expect of a website for training professionals. It combines editorial features such as hot off-the-press news and events with user-created material such as blogs, discussions, and requests for help. It allows you to access content by type, such as videos, a download document library, and forums, as well as by subject, such as strategy, coaching, leadership, and soft skills. The content is the backbone to the site. In addition, there are lots of other features that put the site into the top rank of professional must-visit websites. These include a section on job vacancies, a 1000-strong collection of searchable quotes, and a free resources section. There is also a great shop where you can browse and purchase a wide range of digital products, including those from ManageTrainLearn.

Some Outstanding Features on Trainingzone

Here is our round-up of some of the outstanding features on the site:

Home Page: the trainingzone home page consists of a mixture of feature teasers including recent news items; summaries from the Any Answers, blogs, tips, Leadershipzone, tweets, and CPD sections; and on the right-hand side, your account details, the Editor's Note for the current month, and the most read and most commented items.

Any Answers: this is like a discussion group in which any member can put a question to the 40,000-strong trainingzone community. Recent questions include the difference between training and communication and help needed to make a training presentation.

Discussion groups: at time of writing, there were 29 different discussion groups. If you're a member of the site, you can sign up to any of these groups. They range from groups on "Coaching", "Facilitation", and "Learning Technologies" to "NLP and Training", "Transactional Analysis" and "Video Learning".

Blogs: any member of the trainingzone site can create their own blog on anything to do with training, leadership, or learning. Others can comment on your post, add it to their trainingzone library or a social bookmarking site (of which there are hundreds!). And, if you write something particularly interesting, you can get added to the featured bloggers list for a higher profile.

Videos: there are 3 types of videos spread over 8 pages: interviews with well-known faces, such as Skills Tzar Chris Humphries - the CEO of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, excellent and informative videos such as Martin Shovel's award-winning "Busting the Mehrabian Myth", and video how-to guides, eg dealing with difficult people.

Training Providers' Directory: this allows training companies to pay for a listing on the trainingzone site. The top listing level allows training providers to enter their details into 6 types of category, place embedded video into their listing, and have 3 file downloads. Users of the site can search for specific providers or browse the list.

My Account: there is a neat My Account feature that allows every user of trainingzone to access their personal site features. These include their profiles; an inbox to send and receive messages; and a list of their site activity such as their blogs and comments.

Conclusions on

If you're a trainer, training manager, or generalist HR executive, is an absolute must site to bookmark or visit regularly. It will keep you up to date with what's going on in the training world and allow you to connect with colleagues across the Internet. For the training professional, it can be one of the main resources for keeping you on top of your game.