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Personal Development Website: Trans4Mind

Tools for Transformation

04._trans4mind02_142In this occasional series of great websites, Peter Shepherd's Trans4mind website is one of the all-time greats. The site is a personal development Aladdin's cave, full of wonderful discoveries that will help you explore your own potential. As Peter himself says, "On Trans4mind you'll discover an abundance of effective resources to aid your personal and spiritual growth. Learn how to heal yourself, be more successful, improve loving relationships and gain insights on life's great questions."

Free Resources on Trans4Mind

Peter Shepherd makes no bones about his willingness to offer a range of free personal development resources. Here are 5 of the main free resources:

a. a 30-lesson self-help course called “The Positive Approach” which is intended to help you become clearer about your own identity, what you want in life and how to consciously transform your life for the better.

b. a 242-page pdf book called “Transforming the Mind” which describes the psychology of personal growth and offers lots of practical self-improvement techniques.

c. a "Know Your Own Mind" in-depth personality questionnaire that covers areas such as introversion and extraversion, emotional stability, and social attitudes and will help you know yourself better.

d. over 200 online videos which will give you insights about mind, body and spirit and inspirational images.

e. a 107-page pdf book called “The Whole Person Handbook” which uses a questionnaire to lead you through your key development issues.

And that's just scratching the surface. There are more free books, a free coaching service, over 40,000 articles, a free audio, video and colour poster on meditation, and far more to list.

Our View of Trans4mind

We simply love the Trans4mind website and wish there were more hours in the day to explore its rich goodies. Perhaps the best testimonial is this one from Venkateshwarsharma: “Your website is so inspirational that I have never seen such a site anywhere else on the web. It is truly astonishing!”

Visit Trans4Mind here .

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