Saturday 25th January 18:13

"Work the System": Putting Your Business on Autopilot

workthesystemIn the Preface to his book, "Work the System", Sam Carpenter describes a week-long cycling trip he took to the remote eastern part of Oregon. For most of the 70-mile ride, there was no cell phone coverage. At the end of the week, he overheard a group of fellow riders - who he took to be young business executives - discussing the number of cell phone calls they thought they'd missed. The average seemed to be about 250 with some of the obviously more important escapees announcing it would certainly be more. When Sam, author and practitioner of the "Work the System" method returned home, he found he had just one phone message, a "Have a good trip and don't worry about us" one from his assistant.

"Work the System": Putting Your Business on Autopilot

If you are in charge of a business, a team or a unit, the "Work the System" method can change your workload in the same way that it changed Sam's, who used to be a regular 120-hour-a-week working guy. When you invest your time, energy, and commitment to systems, your business no longer revolves around what you think and do; it revolves around the systems that you and the team create. You take yourself out of the picture to a place above things from where you can keep an eye on how the business, team or unit is doing, knowing that everyone is following procedures that they have all had a hand in putting down in writing, have all been trained to follow to the letter, and will only change if something exceptional happens. This means that you can take yourself off without things falling apart without you.

"Work the System": the 3 Things You Must Do

If you want to change the way you run your business, team or unit from being swallowed up by it to being on top of it, then do the following 3 things:

1. download your copy of the "Work the System" e-book now from us at ManageTrainLearn. It's completely free.

2. don't stop reading until you "get it" and the penny drops

3. take action to implement the systems approach even if it seems like more work at the start. Use the fantastic templates that Sam gives you in his book or get on the fast track here by enrolling in Sam's Work the System Academy.

Next week, we'll tell you what you must do to implement the "Work the System" approach if you're in a leader or team role.