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Management Website of the Week: work911

911_142Work911 was founded by Canadian Robert Bacal in 2001 and consists of a network of sites that supply instant advice on all work-related matters particularly in an emergency. (911 is the emergency phone number in the United States.) Robert describes the site as "a micro-training, development, consulting and publishing company serving the needs of both individuals and organizations." The Work911 network contains hundreds of free resources including articles, books, newsletters, help cards and training services on topics such as Conflict Management, Change Management, Communications, and Leadership. So let's go and explore 5 of the main topics links.

1. Conflict Management

When you click the work911 Conflict Management topic link, you go to the conflict911 sub-domain of the work911 site. From here you can access 1370 free conflict management articles ranging from models of conflict to conflict style instruments. You'll also find free previews of conflict tools, a range of negotiation videos including Bonner's Lemon Law, and guest articles... more

2. Communication Skills

When you click the work911 Communications Skills topic link, you go to a sub-site that allows you to delve into the subject of communications in more depth with Assertive Communications; techniques, tips, and advice; a body language primer; a large range of videos; and a tip of the day. There are some intriguing features including "Is it possible to NOT communicate?" and "What is the "less is more" principle of communication?"... more

3. Customer Service

When you click the work911 Customer Service topic link, you go to the customerservicezone sub-domain which contains an amazing library of over 1000 articles, book excerpts, and a discussion forum. If you're like me, you'll be unable to stop yourself clicking on items such as Who Coined the Phrase "The Customer Is Always Right"? and What Is "The Customer Expectation Paradox?"... more

4. Leadership Development

When you click the work911 Leadership Development topic link, you go to another sub-domain where the jewels are 824 articles on leadership, a Question and Answer section, and a Performance Management and Appraisal Help Centre. As well as a wealth of material on leadership, there's also a review of 55 management books, including classics such as "Servant Leadership" by Robert Greenleaf and "Managing People Is Like Herding Cats" by Warren Bennis... more

5. Training and Development

When you click the work911 Training and Development topics link, you go to the thetrainingworld sub-domain with 895 trainer and learner articles, slideshows, videos, and a discussion list. However, for me, the best thing about this section is the huge 43-page catalogue of training-related books with full reviews and links to buy. A wonderful resource to short-circuit long searches... more

On all 8 topics sections, you'll find a specific topic-related search engine, forums, and more information than you could possibly ever hope to read.

work911: Conclusions

The work911 network of sub-sites is an amazingly resourceful collection of material that will help you with any workplace learning needs. It may take a while to get used to the different sections and offerings. But once you do, this is an Aladdin's cave of wonderful resources that you'll return to again and again.

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