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01. Team Jigsaw

An Overview of "Team Jigsaw"

“Team Jigsaw” is the quintessential training team exercise in showing teams how to work together to solve a problem. Teams are given a mixture of snippets from one of the supplied worksheet quotes and have to work together to re-assemble them in the correct order, just as in a jigsaw puzzle. For added motivation, you can add a competitive element such as a time limit or competing teams.

Aims of this Teambuilder

The 3 aims of "Team Jigsaw" are:
To teach teams how to work together to achieve a common goal
To understand the role of leaders and deputy leaders
To explore best ways to communicate in a team.

How to Use this Teambuilder

Like all the training team exercises in this series, "Team Jigsaw" provides you with a comprehensive guide to using this exercise on any teambuilding event. The Teambuilder will show you how to prepare, how to introduce the exercise, how to run it with possible variations and alternatives, and how to debrief and lead a post-exercise discussion.

"Team Jigsaw" also comes with the following worksheets and resources:
Worksheet 01: Changing the World
Worksheet 02: Do It Anyway
Worksheet 03: Shine Your Light
Worksheet 04: The Mystery of Leadership
Worksheet 05: I Am Giving You Gold
Worksheet 06: Team Morale
Worksheet 07: On Diversity
Worksheet: Self-Assessment
Worksheet: Exercise Evaluation
Appendix 01: Team Cohesion

Complementary Products

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