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35. An Open and Closed Case

An Overview of "An Open and Closed Case"

"An Open and Closed Case" is a training team exercise that tests both analytical and problem-solving skills. Teams present lateral thinking problems to each other and through a process of open and closed questioning gradually unearth what is really going on. A great way to demonstrate the value of using the right kind of questions and the right kind of listening.

Aims of this Teambuilder

The 3 aims of "An Open and Closed Case" are:
To practise using open and closed questions
To develop lateral thinking skills in problem-solving
To work in teams to listen to information, analyse it, and draw conclusions

How to Use this Teambuilder

Like all the training team exercises in this series, "An Open and Closed Case" provides you with a comprehensive guide to using this exercise on any teambuilding event. The Teambuilder will show you how to prepare, how to introduce the exercise, how to run it with possible variations and alternatives, and how to debrief and lead a post-exercise discussion.

"An Open and Closed Case" also comes with the following worksheets and resources:
Worksheet 01: The Car Race
Worksheet 02: The Hanged Man
Worksheet 03: The Thirsty Man
Worksheet 04: In the Middle of the Night
Worksheet 05: The Man and the Car Horn
Worksheet 06: The Woman and the Ring
Worksheet 07: The Shot Children
Worksheet 08: The Man in the Lift
Worksheet 09: The New Shoes
Worksheet 10: The Sleeping Man
Worksheet 11: The Dead Man in the Desert
Worksheet 12: The Bartender and the Gun
Worksheet 13: The Man in Black
Worksheet 14: The Murderous Postman
Worksheet 15: The Waiting Parisienne
Worksheet: Self-Assessment
Worksheet: Exercise Evaluation
Appendix 01: Open and Closed Questions

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