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MTL Motivators: Customer Care

In "Customer Care" Motivators, you'll find some of the most best quotes ever made on delivering superior customer service. Read what Tom Peters says is the greatest gift you can give someone; how Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, sees his customers; what Bodyshop entrepreneur, Anita Roddick, defines as the business creed of a great service provider, and what Macy's customer motto is. There are 100 slides in this fascinating collection. Browse through them for ideas and pleasure. Share them with others in your work or social network. Or use them in new ways on yourtraining courses.

Customer Care Motivators: Our Top 5 Quotes

It's hard to select 5 quotes from this collection as the best, as there are so many. But here goes.

1. "Formula for success: under-promise and over-deliver." (Tom Peters)

2. "We spend 600 hours a week pampering the plants.  Imagine what we’ll do for our guests." (The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas)

3. "Technology has evened quality. Hardware is all the same. The difference is how you treat customers." (Lee Iacoccca)

4. "If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours." (Ray Kroc)

5. "I tell my employees, if we roll out the red carpet for a billionaire, they won’t even notice.  If we roll it out for millionaires, they expect it.  And, if we roll out the red carpet for hundredaires, they’ll tell everyone they know." (Gary Richter)

"Customer Care" Motivators: "The Quote Puzzle"

This collection of "Customer Care" Motivators is great for sharing with your team or just browsing through on your own computer. You can also use them in training room exercises such as "The Quote Puzzle". To play "The Quote Puzzle", simply select one of the longer quotes from the collection and break the quote down into short phrases or individual words. Write these down on separate 5 x 3 cards and distribute them amongst your trainees or around the room. Now tell your trainees that their task is to put the pieces of the quote back together again in the correct order. For more fun, create 2 identical sets of puzzles and hand them out to 2 teams and see who can be first to re-assemble the puzzle in the right order. Give the winning team a token prize such as fancy hats or badges saying "The Quote Puzzle Winning Team". Give the runners-up something as well so that they don't feel disappointed. With the right approach, the game could be a highlight of your course.

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