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MTL Motivators: Discipline

In the "Discipline" Motivators, you'll find some of the best advice ever written about the nature of discipline. Find out why Harry Fosdick compares discipline to Niagara Falls; the 6 principles of discipline that William Blatz says are necessary in both parenting and leadership; why Milton Saperstein says that managing a business shouldn't be an anxious discipline; why George Washington called discipline the "soul of an army"; the secret of Bob Richards' success as an Olympic athlete; why William Lewis says that disciplinary laws don't lead to an abundant life; and how Charles Beacham says you should give a man hell. There are 100 slides in this collection. That's 100 priceless gems to use in your own learning and training.

"Discipline" Motivators: Our Favourite Quotes

The following set of quotes from this collection are some of our personal favourites. You can also use them in the "Bingo Quotes" game that we'll give you below.

1. "Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me it is a kind of order, that sets me free to fly." (Julie Andrews)

2. "Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability." (Roy L. Smith)

3. "Punishment should not be meted out in anger. It must fulfil the purpose of preventing unreasonable excesses by others." (I Ching 1150 BC)

4. "Better to be pruned to grow than cut up to burn." (John Trapp)

5. "Self-discipline is when your conscience tells you to do something and you don’t talk back." (W. K. Hope)

"Discipline" Motivators: "Bingo Quotes"

As well as using this selection of quotes to learn more about Discipline, you can also use it as an energiser on training sessions in a game called, "Bingo Quotes". It's a game for up to 16 players. Here's how to play it.

1. Before the course, select 16 quotes from the "MTL Motivators: Discipline" collection, print them out and then cut them into their individual quotes.
2. Now on a separate piece of paper, write out a cryptic clue for each of your 16 quotes. A cryptic clue is any clue that alludes to the answer without giving it away. For example, the Julie Andrews quote above could be, "What lets the musical nun fly". A cryptic clue for the John Trapp quote above could be, "Gardening is better than fireworks".

3. Next, you need to type your 16 quotes onto a 4 x 4 square bingo sheet. (Hint: you'll easily find templates for these on the internet). Once all the 16 squares of the Bingo sheet have a clue, copy the sheet out for all your participants.

4. Put a Bingo sheet and one of the quotes into an envelope. Distribute the envelopes to your trainees so that they each have an envelope with a Bingo sheet and a quote.

5. You can now play the game. Tell trainees to open their envelopes. When you give the word, they must find who holds the matching quote to each of the cryptic clues on their sheet. When they think they have a match, they must get the person to sign the square. If the game is played competitively, the person holding the quote doesn't have to tell the other person the answer and can indeed put them off. The winner is the person who completes a full sheet and shouts "Bingo!" first.

6. This game can be fast and furious and a lot of fun. You can even make it more fun by limiting each encounter to no more than a minute before everyone has to move on to someone else.

7. Your job as adjudicator is to get the winner to call out their answers and check that they are correct with the person holding the quote (and, if not, to restart the game).

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