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Business Controls Training: Fraud Awareness

Stop Losing Huge Sums of Money - Train Your Staff in Fraud Awareness!

Fraud Awareness training is one of the most vital areas of training in business today. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the average organisation loses around 5% of its annual revenue in fraud, a total global loss of nearly $3 trillion a year. That's why we've partnered with one of the world's leading authorities on risk management, K H Spencer Pickett of Business Controls Training, to bring you an outstanding training package that will enable you to take the necessary steps to manage the risks posed by fraud and develop awareness, competence, and control in your staff.

Fraud Awareness: What You'll Get in the Business Controls Training Package

When you download the Fraud Awareness training package, you'll get 2 fully-researched, well-designed, and highly authoritative resources. The first resource is a 201-page Trainers' Manual that will enable you to create 8 feature-rich seminar sessions with targetted exercises and challenging assessments. These sessions can be delivered singly or in combination and are:

01: Why Fraud Awareness?
02. Background to Fraud
03. Why Fraud Happens
04. Business Ethics and Fraud
05. The Anti-Fraud Policy
06. Fraud Investigations
07. Fraud Risk Self-Assessment
08. Why Fraud Awareness: the Stop Lights Model

The second resource is a strikingly-designed editable 74-slide Powerpoint presentation that accompanies the 8 seminars and will save you hours of research and development in designing your training. Whether you're an expert in business controls and need help with training or an experienced trainer and need help with this key area of corporate governance, these two resources will give you exactly what you need to tailor your training exactly to what your clients or staff need.

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