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Free Sampler: MTL Motivators

What is the "MTL Motivators" Sampler?

The "MTL Motivators Sampler" is a motivational Powerpoint presentation that will give you a glimpse of what you can get from the full "MTL Motivators" presentation. In the Sampler, you'll find 25 slides from the full programme taken from the Achievement and Change sections. Each slide has been carefully chosen for its wit, wisdom, and inspiration and the insight it gives into an aspect of managing in the workplace.

What Will I Get in the "MTL Motivators" Sampler?

The following are the main contributors to the "MTL Motivators" Sampler:
Kahlil Gibran on "Working with Joy"
Maya Angelou on "A Person without their Work"
Walt Disney on "Bring them Back"
John Ruskin on "Don't Boast"
J Deville on "The Quality of Ships"
Stephen King on "Hard Work"
Saskyia Pandita on "An Abundant Crop"
Oprah Winfrey on "Be the Best"
Warren Bennis on "Being Creative"
Gary Richter on "Roll out the Red Carpet"
Marcel Proust on "Learning to Swim"
Rob Reiner on "First, Fix Yourself"
Kobi Yamada on "Just Take a Leap"
Dale Carnegie on "Do and Dare"
William O.Douglas on "Security and Change"
Peter Hawkins on "When the Wind Blows"
Charles Handy on "In Love With Learning"
Patrick Overton on "Stepping into the Darkness"
James Allen on "Moulting"
Ed Foreman on "Doing what you've always Done"
Cecil Beaton on "Integrity of Purpose"
Ray Kroc on "Stay Green"
Helen Keller on "Life is a Daring Adventure"
Anita Brookner on "The Favour of the Gods"

What Next?

After sampling this version of "MTL Motivators", be sure to look at the full programme and download it and enjoy it for your own personal learning or as a presentational motivator for others. 

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