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Free Sampler: Stories that Coach

Training Tales with Stings in their Tails

The "Stories that Coach" Sampler is a selection of anecdotes from Volume 1 in the series that will give you a foretaste of the kinds of stories that you can expect in the full collection. The 30 stories in this sampler will delight you with their storylines and leave behind an important training point for your management and personal  learning. You can also use these stories as a special feature on a wide range of management and personal development courses and presentations.

What You'll Learn in the "Stories that Coach" Sampler

Each anecdote in "Stories that Coach" Sampler has been carefully selected for its story-telling style, its charm, and its learning point. Here are just somel of the things you'll learn:

· how to sell to impossible prospects
· how to pay your boss the best compliments
· how one letter can sky-rocket your sales
· how to delegate authority along with responsibility
· how you can learn from dolphins about learning to learn.

What's in the "Stories that Coach" Sampler?

Here is a list of the 30 stories in "Stories that Coach" Sampler:
1. Quiet Heroes
2. A Cold Winter Forecast
3. Walt’s Vision
4. The Impossible Prospect
5. About Selling and Life
6. Put Music In Your Life
7. Compliments That Matter
8. So Cortes Burnt The Ships
9. When The Cup Is Full…
10. Ugg and Bogg
11. A Bird In The Hand
12. The Traveller
13. The Mule In The Well
14. The King of Wu’s Concubines
15. The Stand-In Tenor
16. We Don’t Do Roof Repairs
17. Oops!
18. Wealth, Success and Love
19. Rabbit Goes To School
20. Adding Value
21. It’s So Hard
22. A Bee With Pollen
23. Hymn Postings
24. The Door To Heaven
25. Letting Them Grow
26. Bateson’s Dolphins
27. Man’s Divinity
28. Bring Your Umbrella
29. Einstein’s Exam
30. Don’t Make Assumptions

What Next?

Once you have sampled the "Stories that Coach" Sampler, download any of the 3 volumes in the series or purchase them all at discounted prices in our Bumper Bundle collection. 

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