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MTL Motivators

What is the "MTL Motivators"?

"MTL Motivators" is a motivational Powerpoint management training presentation of 100 beautifully designed slides. Each slide has been carefully chosen for its wit, wisdom, and inspiration from a select group of writers, business leaders, statesmen and women, celebrities, poets. Each motivational quote will give you insight into how to lead and manage at work. Although this motivational presentation can be enjoyed on its own as a workplace tool for learning, it can also be used to motivate teams on training courses, conferences, and away days.

What Will I Get in "MTL Motivators"?

The slides in "MTL Motivators" are organised around the following 10 themes:
Letting Go

Contributors to the "MTL Motivators" Presentation

Here are 20 of the writers whose inspirational words have been used in the "MTL Motivators" presentation:
Kahlil Gibran
Walt Disney
John Ruskin
Stephen King
Saskya Pandita
Oprah Winfrey
Warren Bennis
Gary Richter
Joyce Brothers
Mark Twain
Mariah Carey
Henry Longfellow
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Kobi Yamada
Charles Handy
Helen Keller
Dee Hock
Lao Tzu
Benjamin Franklin
Henry Ford

How to Use this Presentation in PowerPoint Management Training

To use this "MTL Motivators" in PowerPoint management training, you need to have MS Powerpoint installed on your desktop computer system. With Powerpoint, you'll be able to adjust the slides to suit your own needs, such as adding voiceover and animation. To experience the effect of the  "MTL Motivators" presentation, download the sampler edition of 25 slides from our Try Before You Buy section. 

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