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"Shoots of Growth"

An Overview of "Shoots of Growth"

This e-book is a compilation of 52 self-improvement newsletters from ManageTrainLearn throughout 2009. Although 2009 was a recession-hit year with few signs of growth, we at ManageTrainLearn took the view that, whatever the global economic situation, there were abundant opportunities for personal growth. These articles describe those opportunities.

The Aim of "Shoots of Growth"

Some of the recurrent themes in "Shoots of Growth" include managing in uncertain times; the qualities of courage, vision, and engagement needed; believing in your own capabilities and your own destiny; and learning the skills to cope with times of austerity. The aim of the e-book is to inspire you to reflect and learn and grow; and achieve success within, no matter what happens to your world outside.

Contents of "Shoots of Growth"

The following are the first 20 self-improvement newsletters in the "Shoots of Growth" e-book:
The Year of Uncertainty
Any Dream Will Do
WYBIWYG: What You Believe Is What You Get
The Measure of Your Communication
The Bonk Approach to Testing
Make Me Feel Wanted
Small Things with Great Love
A Touch of Class
Respect Your Traditions
Hang On In There
Spring Cleaning
The Thrill of the New
Making an Ass Out of U and Me
Puppies in the Park
The Charm of Stories
Slowing Down to the Speed of Life
Hopes and Alibis
The Emperor's Appointment
The Speeding Ticket
Turn the Lights Off When You Leave

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The "Shoots of Growth" e-book is a compilation of the regular self-improvement newsletters on the ManageTrainLearn site. To read all the current newsletters, visit our Newsletter page. 

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