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119. Influencing Skills

The Ability to Affect Others in Subtle Ways

The "Influencing Skills" SkillBooster is the perfect way to boost your knowledge and skillls in influencing and negotiating skills and so develop your competence in communication skills. The attractively-designed one-page summary will show you how to influence others. It will also explain how to use logical, emotive, and credibility arguments and how to get people to accept change.

Features of "Influencing Skills"

In this SkillBooster, you'll learn...
· the meaning of "influence"
· 7 factors that determine your influencing ability
· when influencing has no chance of success no matter what you do
· Aristotle's 3 appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos
· why you should always give people a way out
· the power of pleasing people when you influence
· how to make influencing sexy.

How to Use this SkillBooster

"Influencing Skills" can be used in numerous ways, for example as a handout, flashcard, or poster on a influencing and negotiating skills training course or as a memory-aid for your own training or development in this aspect of communication skills. For professionals it is an ideal starting point for continuous professional development.

Complementary Products

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