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154. Positivity

Choose the Best Interpretation of your Life

The "Positivity" SkillBooster is the perfect way to boost your knowledge and skillls in maximising your potential and so develop your competence in personal development. The attractively-designed one-page summary will show you why positive attitudes are the secret ingredient to fulfilling your potential and achieving everything you want to achieve. It will also explain some of the daily habits of the positive character and how you can build on them.

Features of "Positivity"

In this SkillBooster, you'll learn...
· the secret to old age
· the 7 faces of positivity
· how to create a positive self-image
· why you should always choose big goals over small
· the importance of the Cancel button
· the one quality which allows you to do anything
· what to do when you get in a black mood.

How to Use this SkillBooster

"Positivity" can be used in numerous ways, for example as a handout, flashcard, or poster on a maximising your potential training course or as a memory-aid for your own training or development in this aspect of personal development. For professionals it is an ideal starting point for continuous professional development.

Complementary Products

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