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155. The Law of Attraction

Create a World through your Thoughts

"The Law of Attraction" SkillBooster is the perfect way to boost your knowledge and skillls in maximising your potential and so develop your competence in personal development. The attractively-designed one-page summary will explain how the law of attraction works. It will also show you how you manifest your dominant thoughts through their resonating vibrations whether good or bad.

Features of "The Law of Attraction"

In this SkillBooster, you'll learn...
· the connection between your thoughts and your reality
· Napoleon Hill's secret to success as hidden in his best-selling book
· why life gives you exactly what you think about
· how your thoughts attract your experiences through vibrational energy
· how to speed up what you get with purer vibrations
· why we attract people on the same wavelength as us
· why vibrational manifesting is a law of the Universe.

How to Use this SkillBooster

"The Law of Attraction" can be used in numerous ways, for example as a handout, flashcard, or poster on a maximising your potential training course or as a memory-aid for your own training or development in this aspect of personal development. For professionals it is an ideal starting point for continuous professional development.

Complementary Products

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