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220. Time Robbers

The Crime of Time-Stealing

The "Time Robbers" SkillBooster is the perfect way to boost your knowledge and skillls in time management and so develop your competence in personal development. The attractively-designed one-page summary will explain why we are all prey to "time robbers" who steal our time. It will also illustrate some of the top time robbers that seem to be outside of our control and those that seem to be within our control.

Features of "Time Robbers"

In this SkillBooster, you'll learn...
· what a time robber is
· 7 ways in which others rob us of our time
· the danger in casual visitors
· 7 ways in which we rob ourselves of our time
· the risks in doing too much
· the difference between efficiency and effectiveness
· why the tortoise beats the hare in Aesop's fable.

How to Use this SkillBooster

"Time Robbers" can be used in numerous ways, for example as a handout, flashcard, or poster on a time management training course or as a memory-aid for your own training or development in this aspect of personal development. For professionals it is an ideal starting point for continuous professional development.

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