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Stories that Coach Volume 2

Further Training Tales with Stings in their Tails

The "Stories that Coach Volume 2" is the second collection of management training anecdotes in our series of 3. The 100 stories in this e-book will further delight you with their storylines and leave behind an important training point for your management and personal  learning. You can also use these stories as a special feature on a wide range of management and personal development courses and presentations.

What You'll Learn in "Stories that Coach Volume 2"

Each anecdote in "Stories that Coach Volume 2" has been carefully selected for its story-telling style, its charm, and its learning point. Here are just a handful of the things you'll learn:

· how Niccolo Paganini performed a violin concerto on just one string
· the first rule to follow when you're being chased by a bear
· what movie star John Travolta teaches about risk-taking
· why Pablo Picasso could charge a fortune for a 5-minute sketch
· how Anthony Robbins achieved a 100% pass rate in training the US Army
· the unusual demonstration of creativity from Christopher Columbus
· how Chester Carlson invented the photocopier - on just $10 a day.

Examples of Stories in "Stories that Coach Volume 2"

Here is a list of the first 10 stories in "Stories that Coach Volume 2":
1. Try With Engine Running
2. Practise First
3. The Man Who Willed Himself To Die
4. A New Service In Town
5. The Power of Words
6. Stop Fretting
7. Repeat Your Case
8. The General and the Boy
9. When The Wind Blows
10. Outpost

Downloading "Stories that Coach Volume 2"

"Stories that Coach Volume 2" comes as a pdf file which you can download instantly to your desktop computer. For a free sampler of the series, download the "Stories that Coach Sampler" from our Try Before You Buy section. For all 3 volumes at a discounted price, download the "Stories that Coach" Bumper Bundle collection. 

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