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16. Stress Management

"Step by Step to Stress Management" is a pocketbook training manual that will give you all the skills you need to become competent in stress management. Well-researched, well-designed, and well-written, it will teach you all you need to know to perform well in this key skill of personal development.

What You'll Learn

In "Step by Step to Stress Management", you'll learn:
· Why stress is the 21st century plague
· How a tiny cluster of cells at the base of your brain can change your whole body in a fraction of a second
· The brain wiring that explains why men and women handle stress differently
· One amazingly simple technique that can stop you from being ill
· Why an orange room makes you feel sick while a grey room makes you feel safe
· The top ten list of office rages
· Why you should copy your pet when you relax

Modules in "Step by Step to Stress Management"

Like all the pocketbook training manuals in this series, "Step by Step to Stress Management" is divided into a series of modules within which are a series of topics that enable you to learn in easy, rapid, and memorable ways.

The modules in "Step by Step to Stress Management" are:
1. The Nature of Stress
2. Stressors
3. Coping with Stress
4. Managing the Physical
5. Stress Solutions
6. Managing Perceptions
7. Managing Emotions
8. Managing Perspective
9. Focused Relaxation
10. Stress-Busters

Complementary Products

To learn more about personal development in general and stress management in particular, subscribe to any of the online courses and SkillBoosters in stress management. You can also collect other pocketbook training manuals in this series or download the complete set of Step by Step e-books as a MTL Bumper Bundle collection.

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